Ukraine Conscripts Children in Foreign Countries

Ukraine Conscripts Children in Foreign Countries (RINF, Feb 21, 2015):

Ukraine is now so desperate to murder more residents in its Donbass region, that it is conscripting for its ethnic-cleansing there to clear the Donbass land of its residents (who had voted 90% for the man whom Obama overthrew in February 2014), so that children who have been adopted or fostered by parents in foreign countries are now being drafted to do it.

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  1. The US has lost it’s once intelligent leadership. There have been some very dramatic changes since the fall of the USSR in the late 1980s.
    1. Starting in 2010, technology has made the need for any world reserve currency obsolete. Today, less than 30% of the world economies use the dollar to complete international transactions. Dry as this subject may be to many, it is a profound change. The US has relied on its status to push it’s agenda on the whole world.
    Seeing what happened to Iraq after they openly demanded a change to that situation, the rest of the world had to move carefully. Iraq requested gold be restored as world reserve currency, reminding all that the US dollar was backed with gold when given that status.
    Technology gave the world a quiet, non-aggressive solution. Substituting electronic currencies that allowed all nations to trade using their own currencies, leaving the dollar, or any other currency, out. The electronic currencies, based on the Sucre model, translates the value of all currencies at the time of transaction, rendering the need for any world reserve currency obsolete.
    This has made demand for the US dollar drop like a stone. Regardless of the lies told by US financial channels, the strong dollar is a myth. When 70% of the world no longer wants or needs your currency, it takes some real mind twisting to translate that into a strong dollar.
    2. The rise of China and a military to go with it.
    3. The resurrection of Russia with a sane, intelligent leader with power to set his polices into place……….unlike the US which is run by gaggles of fools.
    4. The emergence of BRICS and the money to go with it. Unlike the debt ridden nations of the EU, US and Japan, most of their members are solvent.

    The world has changed, and it is fed up with US bullying which replaced diplomacy at some point……..and nobody likes a bully. We are sliding south quickly, so fast, many don’t see it.

    Obama has really shown himself a great disappointment, not just to US citizens, but to the world. We all hoped he would understand such basic truths, and endeavor to change some of the flaws. No, he just did as he was told, another corporate stooge.


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