Greek FinMin Varoufakis ‘It’s Plan A, There Is No Plan B’ Press Conference – Live Feed


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Greek FinMin Varoufakis “It’s Plan A, There Is No Plan B” Press Conference – Live Feed (ZeroHedge, Feb 16, 2015):


And warns “ultimatums” never worked well in the Eurozone. Greece is “ready and willing to do whatever it takes,” and “expects Eurogroup to drop its ultimatum.”

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  1. So, one more chess piece falls to Putin…..does the west realize they are playing chess and losing badly? Do they understand his true goal?

    This was predictable from the day Putin offered food and money to Greece if they leave the EU and join BRICS. Gee, what a choice! Stay with the EU, take all their ultimatums, kiss the rear ends of the greedy gut bankers, agree to give away all their historical treasures and land for pennies on the dollar, or go with 70% of the world and tell the bankers and the US to go to hell. Start afresh, or continue to pay bankers and help not one Greek citizen by doing so? The choice is obvious.

    Few if any of the Greeks realize the stakes they are involved in….they see no farther than their own needs of food and money. The ultimate goal is the destruction of the dollar. With the move of Greece to the east…..Spain and Italy are next. By moving into the side of the Eastern players, they are essentially filing bankruptcy with the greedy gut bankers and dumping a debt burden of 296% to GDP according to world debt clock dot org.

    Spain has a debt to GDP of 241%, Portugal 294%, Italy 180%, and Ireland a massive 1066%. All of these countries, along with others I have not listed, are all candidates to accept offers from Russia.

    It started in Spring of 2010 when Hugo Chavez introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre, to his tiny organization, the South American Trade Alliance. It consisted of 12 countries, including Cuba. For the first time, member nations could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency, making the conversion to the US dollar, or any other currency, obsolete. This was momentous, and Russia and China watched carefully.

    In November of 2010, Russia and China established an identical trading system between each other, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. China went on to recruit Turkey and many emerging African nations, including South Africa. They also approached and recruited many middle eastern nations, and they have all been doing lots of business with China and Russia, leaving the dollar out. Until recently, they officially were using the Petrodollar. Now, it is quite clear they are not, and their need for US troops to keep the kings in power will just as easily be kept with Chinese or Russian troops.

    Russia went on to recruit much of South and Central America. New Zealand and Australia dumped the dollar in 2012. Qatar, Switzerland and Canada are the latest of many………and now, Greece.

    I suggest all who read this article look at a globe of the world and look carefully at Greece’s location, based on the corner of two important waterways. Looking at a globe of the world, one can see why Spain and Italy will be next.

    Few of the Euro Zone players know or care what the real stakes involve……….the end of the US as a world economic power, and fewer care. The US was hijacked in the Coup of 2000 by a band of very evil people, and they have managed to destroy over 200 years of careful diplomacy and mindful behavior with other world leaders by using threats instead of diplomacy and mindless military attacks in place of careful listening and leading. The world now hates and fears us, they hate the bullying and pressure, and fear the mindless leadership we now suffer under.

    The only answer to the world is the downfall of the US. The torture did more to destroy the US in the eyes of the world than anything. When that page of a Gitmo diary got out, and was evolved into a book, the response of people around the world, (including many of us in the US) was horror. It was like stepping back into the era of Nazi Germany, Gitmo being one of many death camps. Europe suffered terribly due to Hitler and Mussolini, and US behavior brings it all back to life. The Europeans react while Putin acts, and he uses all the power he now wields thanks to the fools destroying America.

    When this finally ends, Greece, Spain and Italy desert the EU, Putin’s plan will be fully in place. The US dollar will be just as the currency from any other nation, nothing more, and US financial domination will be at an end.

    If the US persists in bombing other nations at will, the picture for the US will be much bleaker because the world will turn on us just as we did Germany in 1940 for the same reasons. Germany had become a rogue nation, as the US has become today. The US will not be allowed to continue as it has, but Putin is smart enough to realize that taking away its financial power is essential before stopping the other outrages.

    I don’t think most of the financial talking heads have a clue. They have pumped the stock market over 18,000 heading toward 20,000………….regardless there is nothing but paper pushing creating the growth. 90% of all transactions are high frequency skim and sell…………the key here is sell……….the other 10% is CEOs buying back their own stock with borrowed money………………..and a few of the remaining investors sitting there with their portfolios. I sincerely doubt if any of them are doing much, the market is as volatile as I have ever seen it.

    Anyway, the downfall of the US dollar is eminent. Regardless of the lies told by US media, the strong dollar cannot exist with 70% of the world no longer using it.
    Too many lies and no truth in the last 15 years, and I guess it doesn’t take much more time than that in this dreadful Brave New World in which we now find ourselves.

    As my late mother said about three years ago, she didn’t like the Brave New World we lived in, and I agreed with her. She was the last of my family line….when I go, there will be nothing else remaining. But, nothing remains when we are gone in any case.

    For Americans, and all our friends around the world, that is a stain that will never heal. That has done more damage than I can describe……….it sickens me beyond expression, and I am certain we are not the only ones. The east has turned from us in disgust and despises us. Such disdain cannot be repaired. When OPEC kicked the Petrodollar to the curb last December, refusing to cut oil production regardless of the millions they would lose in revenue, I knew it was over for us. I went to school with many of these people, and they despised us 40 years ago. They are also very proud and capable of cutting off their noses to spite their faces……….and when they continued to pump oil, that told me they are willing to go broke to destroy the world’s biggest oil producer……the USA.

    That story of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face comes from a tale out of the Dark Ages. When rampages of war lords attacked the convents of Catholic Nuns, many of some in one of the convents did cut off their noses to make themselves too repulsive to be raped. That is a true story.

    I know how these people think, and they are capable of such acts if the stakes are that high. The Gitmo story is equal to war lords raping nuns in their eyes……how would any of us feel?How would anyone feel if it came out their people were tortured in such fashion? Precisely as they feel, outraged, and wanting to make us pay. The fact the US will never let any of them go free regardless of innocence or guilt is the lighting of a match on a very tall and dry pile of hay.

    The US outrages have been hidden from many of their own people with corporate media, but not to those of us who care enough to dig on the web they now seek to censor…..and we are the ones they now spy on and fear regardless our only sin is love of what our country used to represent. Be sure censorship is next.

    I am dying, my time here is about done, but I feel sorrow for all who will suffer for the acts of a few madmen. When OPEC kicked the dollar aside as one might an empty coke can on the road, that told me it is over for the US. Many US citizens are going to face a huge awakening…………..overnight. Those are the ones who didn’t want to face the truth, didn’t want to see it, and drank from the fountain of Oblivion, US media of obfuscation or hatred instead.


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