Biggest Short Squeeze Since 2011 Sends Stocks Surging, USDollar Purging — The Death Cross Of American Society


Biggest Short Squeeze Since 2011 Sends Stocks Surging, USDollar Purging (ZeroHedge, Feb 5, 2015)

The Death Cross Of American Society (ZeroHedge, Feb 5, 2015):

Presented with little comment aside to ask (rhetorically of course), who is The Fed working for?

Wall Street vs Main Street


As BofAML warns, if Main St. doesn’t recover this year on the back of the powerful cyclical combo of lower oil/rates/currencies then the specter of “policy failure” will haunt investors, and currency wars, debt default and deficit financing will become macro realities.



2 thoughts on “Biggest Short Squeeze Since 2011 Sends Stocks Surging, USDollar Purging — The Death Cross Of American Society

  1. Last week, the market went down nearly a trillion dollars. This week, nearly a trillion in the green…..but it is all smoke and mirrors, borrowed money based on borrowed money. It is madness.

    I was explaining to a young friend why an unregulated market isn’t a good idea…..most people are greedy and mindless………..they are fools, and we cannot compare people like him with the average slob. Many have degrees from Harvard and Yale, look at GW Bush………..his degree was bought and paid for, he didn’t have the brains to come in out of the rain.

    Unless we get rid of the corporate greedy guts and the criminals, we will have no economy. I told my young friend to look at what is going on in Europe…..and the fact the US hides all such information ought to worry him. The fact most people are stupid is why markets have to be regulated.

    He is very young, short of 18 years, my grandson, and very intelligent. Most are not, they were raised by animals and/or childish idiots. It is a bitter truth, but just watch Putin scooping up all the chess pieces on the board of life………I wish we had someone like him over here…..but the group governance would drive one crazy.

    The world economy of the west is imploding. The loss of Greece is but the beginning.

  2. Also, one more point on the US dollar. Less than 30% of all nations now conclude international trades using the dollar. Technology has made the need for any world reserve currency obsolete. The US has skated on this status for years, abused it beyond belief, and now, regardless of what happens, the day of the world reserve currency is over.

    Now that OPEC has kicked the petrodollar to the curb, the percentage is far lower than 30%. The US now relies on the EU to keep the dollar going. With Greece, and its coming exit from the EU and the insurmountable debt that accompanies it, greedy gut bankers are going to be even more anxious about their money. Look at a globe of the world, Spain, Italy and other sea faring nations will be Putin’s next targets. With a breakdown of the EU, the only remaining economic organization that still uses the dollar (except when they can sneak around it), greedy gut bankers are going to be even more worried.

    I wonder how much of the real world is still using the dollar?

    Remember the FED is a private bank. Until now, they have kept the US dollar and national debt going by paying the interest on the US national debt, in hundreds of millions a year, keeping the US in good standing with its creditors. Very soon, they will seek to cut their losses, and on that day, the US dollar and economy is finished. Until now, it was a problem I saw as up the road, the changes of the past few weeks have shown me it is closer than I thought.

    The dollar is only accepted at its real value in the open basket of currencies, and nothing they say or do can change that. The US has become a nation among 195 others, nothing more. When the FED says no to more payouts for the US debt, that will be the end, one not expected or planned for by any bureaucrat in Washington.

    All of this is happening at a far more rapid pace than I imagined.

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