Putin Invites Tsipras To Visit Russia

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Putin Invites Tsipras To Visit Russia (ZeroHedge, Feb 5, 2015):

While Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis’ comments that “we will never ask for financial assistance in Moscow,” which notably does not deny acceptance of aid if offered, and Greek Minister of Energy Panagiotis Lafazanis adding that Athens opposes the embargo imposed on Moscow, “we have no disagreement with Russia and the Russian people,” it is perhaps not surprising that, as Vedemosti reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with the new Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, congratulated him on taking office, and invited him to Russia.

As ANA reports,

The situation in Ukraine and other international issues, among them, “the South Stream and Turkish Stream pipeline projects, dominated a telephone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras earlier on Thursday, the Kremlin announced.

Putin invited Tsipras to visit Moscow on May 9 when celebrations will take place, commemorating the peoples’ victory over fascism. On his part, the Greek prime minister underlined the importance he attributes to the fight against Nazism, expressing his intention to accept the invitation.

The Russian leader’s top foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov said that Putin congratulated Tsipras on his victory in last month’s general elections and on the assumption of his duties as the new prime minister of Greece.

The discussion was very warm and constructive, he said, noting that President Putin invited Tsipras to Russia. He also said that the will for a more active development of bilateral relations was reaffirmed.

The Russian ministers of foreign affairs and defence have already invited their Greek counterparts to visit Moscow.

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Meanwhile, as ekathimerini reports, Obama is worried about the pivot…

The United States has urged Greece to work closely with its European partners and the International Monetary Fund, a senior American official said late on Wednesday.

“We do believe that in the case of Greece it is very important for the Greek government to work cooperatively with its European colleagues, as well as with the IMF. And we have advised it to do so, and we are hopeful that these conversations are now moving to a place with some cooperation and mutual understanding.” noted the official during a conference call regarding US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Belgium and Germany which begins on Thursday.

The comments followed President Obama’s recent remarks with regard to austerity in Greece, in which he argued that countries could not go on being “squeezed.”

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And Russia reiterates its willingness to aid Greece financially…



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  1. Does anyone now understand what we have been saying here for months………..Putin is a master chess player, and Greece has just fallen into his hands…….another piece of the western side has moved to the east. Russia has already offered money and food if Greece moves out of the EU. Look at a globe of the world, and it tells the whole story.

    Greece beating down fascism…………marriage of business and state…….is what is desperately needed in the US. Perhaps a collapse of the dollar will wake up all the idiots who get their disinformation from US media. Spain and France have already expressed support for Greece, and to hell with greedy gut bankers. It is time to follow Iceland’s lead, throw the filthy bastards out.

    Obama is worried???? You think. He ought to have been worried before inflicting fool sanctions on Russia, putting his last remaining trading partner into harms way. Telling them to work with the EU and bankers? Why would anyone do that when all they are doing is stealing everything in sight, islands, art, real estate……….I am really glad the Greeks have figured it out. The only way out of this insane debt that is way too deep to ever pay off is to throw the bastards out and claim they have had enough. If enough other EU nations follow suit, the bankers will have to try something different……….like choke to death on a chicken bone.

    I said this would happen, as did the wonderful person behind IU, and it is finally becoming a reality. Nobody can pay this debt, it is so insane, the only way to fix it is for all nations to cut it all out, start over from zero and rebuild. Also, throw out all corporations, Lincoln was correct when he called them the worst evil created by man…..and in his day they only lasted 40 years.

    This is no surprise to Stanley or the writer of this wonderful site. I find it amazing how few Americans see this for what it is………..the US dollar is going to collapse. Their media rages on against Russia and claims a strong dollar……….regardless less than 30% now use it. I don’t know what percentage OPEC counted for, but now that they have dumped the petrodollar, it is down to the debt ridden EU. It is too weak to stand alone, and soon, it will be back to 28 individual nations struggling for survival. The US will have much worse problems, but unless they smarten up and dump greedy guts, it will be destroyed.

    Great article.


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