California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink” (Video)

California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink” (The Anti Media, Jan 27, 2015):

Residents in the city of Gardena, California have recently reported a foul-smelling, black sludge coming from their sinks, yet the Golden State Water Company claims that this grotesque “water” is safe to drink. And furthermore, it doesn’t sound like they are doing much to test the tap water for local residents.

Customers even gathered samples of the water for the water company to test, and they still refused to test the samples because they needed “special tubes” to do so.

Resident Diane Morita had claimed to reporters that the water, which is black in color and has a strange odor, is also filled with sediment and other particles. Morita, who has a dog with cancer and a daughter with skin issues, is afraid of the effects the water may have on her and her family’s health… and we don’t blame her! We wouldn’t put this water in a bird bath, let alone deem it as “safe” for consumption.

Apparently the issue has been going on for months and nothing has been done to fix the water. The Golden State Water Co., has claimed that the water is not harmful and that they perform water tests weekly. Well, would representatives from the water company drink the water themselves? Probably not. Would they let THEIR children drink such filthy water? Probably not.

So here is the number and address of the department that serves the city of Gardena:
Office Location
Southwest CSA
1600 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., #101
Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 767-8200

Call them and ask them if they would drink black sludge for their source of hydration, we’re curious to know.

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  1. I live in Northern CA, and the tap water here actually stinks if you try to soak anything in the sink. To soak anything, you must use strong soap.
    I don’t drink tap water, have not done so since the 1970s. Bottled is what I drink, the tap water is foul.
    Nobody should drink tap water. Bottled water has gone up 50% in the last two months…..we cannot live without drinkable water. The state lies about everything, water being no exception.


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