Pro-Israel Tory MP condemns ‘disproportionate’ IDF Gaza offensive

Pro-Israel Tory MP condemns ‘disproportionate’ IDF Gaza offensive (RT, Aug 3, 2014)

1 thought on “Pro-Israel Tory MP condemns ‘disproportionate’ IDF Gaza offensive”

  1. It is as if they are trying to anger the world…….see how far they can push without results. It is time for all nations to get together and let Israel know enough is too much. Their murder of civilians and children is as barbaric as anything one can read about in history. Israel has become what they most feared, and the idiot in power is insane. Killing women and children is wrong…… has been the lowest form of killing throughout history. This isn’t war, this is slaughtering.
    Women and children in schools are not waging war on anyone, they are attempting to keep life going on some form of sane behavior. Killing them in their schools is horrible.
    I used to believe the Israel people had a right to their land. I still do, but I don’t think they have the right to squeeze and kill the Palestinians while stealing their’s. This is insane, the leader of Israel needs to be replaced, he is a warmonger.
    If Obama wants an honorable war, putting the Israel leader out of office would be a good thing.

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