Forget What They Say And Watch What They Do

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Forget What They Say And Watch What They Do (Mark St.Cyr, July 27, 2014):

You pay attention to when implementations seem to be appearing on a near regular basis that can separate you from your money with, or by the force, of law. e.g., The “Gates” Are Closing: SEC Votes Through Money Market Reform

You don’t sit down and draft this stuff up when everything is just ducky. You do it when you know or believe: If this shite hits the fan – its gonna get a whole lot worse even faster.

What have we learned over these 5 years? Wall Street can’t get enough of a bad good thing. I guess more must make it better, because leverage today is at heights right along with where we are in stock prices: Above where it was in 2007. I guess it’s back to: Nothing to see here folks please just move along and try the brie, it’s superb!

What I see far too often today is nobody either remembers (for they’re new to investing or business overall and didn’t have money at work during the crisis) Or, they’ve bought into the hype that this market is supported by fundamentals that prove not only these levels are “fairly priced and based on sound economic fundamentals” but that pigs can fly because they’re actually legitimate offspring of unicorns.

This wasn’t years after a bull run where people were caught off guard, this was months, and some of it was no further away than the next earnings cycle. The meme right before everything went bad then? “Just buy in at these now even better prices!” Sound familiar?

If there were to be another panic of any sorts access to an ATM may be the least of most people’s problems. But there’s no need to be concerned. The world today is a far more tranquil stable place or environment than it’s ever been. Not only that: “The Fed’s got your back!” Right?

Personally, I’m paying even more attention now than I have in recent years for as Andrew Carnegie famously said, “The older I get the less I pay attention to what men say, and pay more attention to what they do.”

I believe watching the fortification or installment of legal “gates” as a barrier to one’s money is far more important than hearing another reason why I need to “buy the all time high” for the gazillionth time. But that’s just me.

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