US Releases Satellite Images Allegedly Proving Russian Shelling Of East Ukraine


US Releases Satellite Images Allegedly Proving Russian Shelling Of East Ukraine (ZeroHedge, July 27, 2014):

A week after Russia revealed photos of Ukraine deploying Buk missiles in the east as well as radar proof of Ukraine warplanes in the vicinity of MH-17, the US has yet to present any of the incontrovertible evidence supposedly in its possession that proves it was the separatists who shot down the plane, a narrative which has already propagated through western media. Instead, several hours ago the US. Office of the Director of National Intelligence released satellite images taken by the private civilian company Digital Globe (and thus not government sourced), which US officials say offer proof that Russian forces have been shelling eastern Ukraine in a campaign to assist rebel groups fighting Ukraine’s government in Kiev.

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  1. Sham. Lies. The US is desperate. It is broke, the entire world knows it; it could not repay half of Germany’s gold to them………..what a blunder. One only needs to see how people treat those with money and those without. This proves the US is broke. It’s once world reserve currency status is as obsolete as the horse and buggy. They can thank Hugo Chavez, who is dead, and Vladimir Putin, who is very much alive. He has freed much of the world from US financial domination using a basket of currencies. All who belong can trade with any other nation using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. More than half the world has joined.
    Now, the Germans are negotiating joining BRICS as well. They don’t like being spied upon without apology or cease….and they really resent not receiving any of their gold back. Much of the EU owes them money, so will follow their lead.
    The day the EU dumps the dollar, it will collapse.
    Putin’s plan was elegant, and has freed nations from world reserve currencies for the first time in centuries. Thanks to technology, any currency can be evaluated at the time of any transaction.
    This has cut off the US from the knees, and much of the world won’t accept their worthless paper they have printed nonstop for years. They have tried unsuccessfully to drum up a war with anyone…..nobody will join them, there is no advantage to doing so. Nobody joins a pauper.
    They blame Putin, but going after him with lies only infuriates the world even more. He is the most popular and respected man on the globe……to attack him is beyond stupid.


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