If Americans Knew What Was Happening In Israel …

If Americans Knew What Was Happening In Israel … (Washington’s Blog, July 26, 2014):

… Their Views Would Change Overnight

If my fellow Americans understood the history of Israel and Palestine, their views would change overnight … and they would demand that Israel no longer be given unconditional support and blank checks to do whatever they want:

Postscript: Former Israeli Minister: Calling people who criticize Israeli policy “anti-semitic. It’s a trick … we always use it”.

4 thoughts on “If Americans Knew What Was Happening In Israel …”

  1. They watch US media obfuscation. Israel is the only remaining ally, next to the UK, but neither of them are interested in a war with Putin………the US is sliding downhill fast.
    The US is quickly becoming insignificant. It’s inability to repay Germany their gold has made clear to the world what many have known for years…..the US is broke. Now, thanks to technology, there is no need for a world reserve currency. On top of that, we need only see how people treat those with money vs. those who don’t. The US is now in the latter category…….a loser on the world stage.
    If Germany does what they are currently negotiating, and join with BRICS…….the dollar will collapse like a broken down bridge…..rather like US infrastructure.


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