Gaza Right Now: In Pictures – Death Toll Among Palestinians Reached Over 500

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–  Gaza Right Now: In Pictures (ZeroHedge, July 21, 2014):

The death toll among Palestinians from the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip reached over 500 on Monday, Gaza health officials said, as the two sides counted their dead following the bloodiest day of fighting so far in the two-week campaign. CBS reports the officials said some 3,150 Palestinians had been wounded. The IDF just announced 7 Israeli soldiers were killed today, raising the Israeli death toll to 25 (including 2 civilians). A glance at the stunning images below beggars belief that world equity markets (and Israel’s) are shrugging at this escalating violence. We assume they ‘believe’ in the power of John Kerry.

And then there’s this… an Israeli sniper killing a wounded gaza civilian…

2 thoughts on “Gaza Right Now: In Pictures – Death Toll Among Palestinians Reached Over 500”

  1. Hamas is using Ambulances to transport weapons, and keep children on board to create casualties. So someone was able to detect weapons in that ambulance.

    They (hamas) store weapons in schools. hospitals, mosques, and heavy traffic areas. I watched a video of them shooting a tank round from a house. Hamas tells the residents to stay in doors when warned by Israel to evacuate. Hamas is struggling to not go extinct. Syria and Iran have been supplying the missiles.
    Its going to be Hamas proving to ISIS they are worthwhile. ISIS has been killing “moderate” muslims.


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