Foodflation – Since QE3, Breakfast Is Up Over 24%

Foodflation – Since QE3, Breakfast Is Up Over 24% (ZeroHedge, July 6, 2014):

Having pointed out the ‘surges’ in the cost of your 4th of July burger at the behest of Greenspan and Bernanke, we thought a reflection on the soaring costs of ‘the most important meal of the day’ were in order. As the following chart illustrates in words and pictures even a PhD Fed economist or CNBC pretend-economist could understand – food-flation is here from breakfast through dinner (no matter how many iPads we try and eat).


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  1. I have always monitored the economy by paying some attention to the food prices. I found a food ad from 2010, and compared it to 2014. Beef was up 300%, Chicken 400%, fresh fruit up 300%, even milk has gone up at least 200%. Prices don’t go down, so any change will target the buyer who is less able to buy food.
    For the past 100+ years, we have enjoyed a cheap food practice in this country. A full stomach ensures happier population and better workers. For some reason, that sensible policy has been set aside for the greedy guts.
    I did some research for a nonprofit foundation last year. What I discovered was that over 20% of the population of every state experience hunger at some point in the month……they cannot earn enough to eat……and that is really disheartening to aspiring workers. This statistic is an average only, some areas have higher hunger rates than others, none are less than 20%.
    This is fueling the fire for unrest, and is a foolish thing to do. I see them everywhere, on street corners, with signs begging for food…….the growing poverty is stunning. If Obama wants a reason to declare martial law, he is doing all he can to work up the people.
    One day while riding with a friend, we were stopped at a signal. Over in a parking lot, I saw people camped out, it looked like a street in Central America. This was a Friday afternoon. My friend told me the dentist was giving a free dental clinic on Monday. So, they were so desperate, they were willing to live in the parking lot all weekend to get care desperately needed.
    How depressing.
    How lost we have become. A nation that worships wealth and ignores their own people…….

  2. I have sent you a couple of articles on the US economy through your email. Which is better? Posting them on the site, as I am doing now, or sending you an email?
    Marilyn Gjerdrum

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      Posting the links on the site is great, that way the others can see the links too.

      Thank you.

      Infinite Unknown

  3. What on earth are those green things????

    Bloody CUCUMBERS for BREAKFAST?????

    Ridiculous. Traditionally there is ONLY CHOLESTEROL & FAT at breakfast…

    …or Porridge….but nobody other than a Jock exile knows what Porridge is.

  4. What we’ve lost perspective of is our priorities.

    Being victims of slick marketing, we fall for trends/fashion which were devised

    to produce profits disguised for us as necessary add-ons. P&G were leaders.

    In the fifties, our budgets weren’t based on these unnecessary goods, it was based on essentials.

    Our budget then, for food, accounted for 30% of our income.

    Luxuries were things like TV, Freezer, Central Heating.

    In England one can find houses with gable ends showing there were fireplaces in every room.

    Priorities change. Eating out for breakfast is now popular, but in reality the actual cost of churning out a really good (or bad….depending on your angle) breckless (as my grand-daughter calls it) was only $4 at home one year ago (excluding cucumber but including mushrooms).

    Never saw the point of mixing OJ with fat. Looks awful in a glass!

    The answer is cook at home, get a slow cooker for casseroles.


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