GM Now Without Doubt The Biggest Company Joke In US History: 28.5 Million Cars Recalled In The First Half Of 2014

Here Are The 28.5 Million Cars Recalled By GM In The First Half Of 2014 (ZeroHedge, June 30, 2014):

One could say things about what is now without doubt the biggest company joke in the history of the US – maybe global – automotive sector, putting even East Germany’s infamous Trabant to shame.

Things like following the just announced latest recall of another 7.6 million cars across models from 1997 to 2014, and another 800K+ cars thrown in just because, GM has recalled more cars in the first 6 months of 2014 than it has sold in all of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Which incidentally would be true as the chart below shows.

Gm total recalls vs sales

Things like it took GM over a decade to that these latest recalls affecting cars made in the 20th century resulted in “seven crashes, eight injuries and three fatalities.

Things like GM expecting “to take a charge of up to approximately $1.2 billion in the second quarter for the cost of recall-related repairs announced in the quarter. This amount includes a previously disclosed $700 million charge for recalls already announced during the quarter.” Of course, it goes without saying that this now weekly, forget monthly, charge is clearly non-recurring, and one-time, and those 160 hedge funds who are long GM stock are praying isn’t allowed to enter Non-GAAP EPS as suddenly they will be left holding a stock that has far less value.

Things like why on earth is anyone still buying the absolute garbage this company still makes, when even it now has admitted it will risk customer lives on a grand scale if it allows it to save some shareholder value.

Things like it may get nastier for GM now that moments ago, finally and long overdue, the Orange County DA filed a civil lawsuit against GM for “intentionally concealing defects” and putting human lives at risk in order to boost profits.

Things like we can’t wait for how many million cars GM recalls next week.

We won’t say any of those things. Instead we will merely show a table laying out all the 28,470,653 cars GM has recalled in the first half of 2014: a run rate which at this rate will mean GM may recall more cars by the end of 2014 than it has made since emerging from bankruptcy!


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