Doctor: Junior High School Kids Burn Nostrils With Laser To Stop Intense Nosebleeds

If these kids will not get real help ASAP, then their only wish in the not too distant future will probably be a cyanide capsule.

Jr High Kids Burn Nostrils With Laser To Stop Bleed (Fukushima Diary, June 8, 2014):

Some of the junior high school students burn the inner part of the nostrils by laser in Koriyama city Fukushima prefecture, a doctor stated.

The doctor offers health consultation in Fukushima. This was his report in the lecture delivered by Assistant Prof. Imanaka from Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute last December.

From his report, he witnessed some students having nosebleed when he took some junior high school students to convalesce outside of Fukushima prefecture.

Those students said having nosebleed during the classes is not rare anymore. Some of them even have the inner nostrils burnt by laser because they can’t stop nosebleed for over an hour.

They also commented some of them had severe fever and body-ache so that they couldn’t get up for a week after running long distances beside un-decontaminated swamp.

One of the female students commented the radiation level was 0.8 μSv/h in her own room.

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