Global Youth Unemployment (Chart Of The Day)

Chart Of The Day: Global Youth Unemployment (ZeroHedge, May 28, 2014):

We have some bad news… for Africa: according to the latest data released by the International Labor Organization, your youth unemployment problem is almost as bad as that of Europe.

Youth Unemployment Global

Maybe more to the point, just what is it about those bracing Mediterranean sea breezes (not to mention mandated Eurozone “political capital” and relentlessly liberating – of one’s job – globallization) that makes the young people in the adjoining countries choose to do pretty much anything but work?

Source: ILO


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  1. Were it not for the fact that Fukushima and the growing nuclear disaster in Washington State and New Mexico along with rising sea levels were going to take care of the overpopulation problem, I would be worried. As it stands, if something isn’t done to cut human population…….there will be mass starvation to accompany mass unemployment.
    This is over the top. The greedy guts have taken too much again……why they always ruin things is beyond me…….but greed is an ingredient of pride…..the leading part of the seven deadly sins……..Pride.
    Without pride, the other sins of gluttony (greedy gut obvious)…..would not exist.
    Why the greedy always destroy are beyond me.
    There is no good in greed……..just evil. Fear and grasping, they take away the life blood of everyone else…….and everyone ends up being destroyed.
    Just look at history since the fall of Rome, which was destroyed by greed. Except for a brief period during the Renaissance and the 18th Century Enlightenment………all history, especially wars, have all served the greedy guts.
    They have destroyed everything.
    Now, with the nuclear plants, the new ones being built in Iran……I see we have no hope, the greedy guts have won……only to die with the rest of us.


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