2 thoughts on “What Happened The Last Time Bonds & Stocks Were So Disconnected?”

  1. It doesn’t matter. The system is so rigged, they can keep it this way indefinitely. The market has no relation to the real world, it is all twisted and bent beyond recognition.
    85% of the market is High Frequency skim and sell transactions.
    15% of the market is made up of investors who actually put their money into the system. We don’t know how many of them are buying on margin.
    15% of the market, even if real, is far less than the market shows……but it is the only part of the market that involves real money. To anyone with half a mind, that means the market’s real worth is about 15% of what it shows, minus what is used as margin. 10%? 7.5%? You pays your money and makes your choices as the horserace fellows used to say.


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