Anti-Nuke Former Japan PM Hosokawa Hospitalized – Dizziness of Unknown Cause

Anti nuclear former JP PM Hosokawa hospitalized and in recuperation / Suffering from “dizziness for unknown reason (Fukushima Diary, May 15, 2014):

A former Japanese Prime Minister, the new anti-nuclear activist, Hosokawa fell in sick and hospitalized.

He became a candidate for Tokyo gubernatorial election.

In mid April, he suddenly fell in sick, fell down forward at Shinagawa station. He had 4 teeth broken and put 6 stitches on the lips and carried to the stationmaster’s office without consciousness.

On 5/7/2014, he attended the initial meeting of Japan assembly for nuclear free renewable energy, which is an anti nuclear organization established by Hosokawa and another former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi. However he became at a loss for words in the speech. He has been suffering from dizziness for unknown reason.

He’s going to have a detailed inspection on 5/19/2014 and recuperation for an indefinite period.



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  1. No surprise.
    It is finally beginning.
    The deaths and mutations will be beyond what our worst dreams have ever conjured.
    We are finished. What is left is the demise.


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