Welcome To The European ‘Recovery’: Earnings Growth Expectations Are … Collapsing

–  Another Snapshot Of The European Recovery (ZeroHedge, May 12, 2014):

What can one say… Europe’s stock markets are booming, bond yields (and spreads) are tumbling… and earnings growth expectations are – collapsing…

What a difference 2 months make… from expectations of over 9% growth to a dismal 2% growth (and falling)…


4 thoughts on “Welcome To The European ‘Recovery’: Earnings Growth Expectations Are … Collapsing”

  1. I have been saying this for months, The Eurozone is on the brink of collapse, and so is the US and Chinese markets. Three years ago, the IMF brought forth the suggestion banks have five cents on deposit for every dollar of assets they claimed to have.
    The banks would have needed to borrow the five cents, so the deal died.
    That was a huge signal that not all was good in Enron Accounting Euro land. If you follow what has happened there over the past three years, it is no surprise. I wondered how it lasted this long. Look at the greedy banks, and you need wonder no longer.
    The same with China. They changed their own monitory system, following the example of the west, notably the US.
    They dumped their medical coverage for all for a pay as you go system, so if you are without funds, you die. They also borrowed the US printing game, printing their way to prosperity. This has caused the US to lose its world reserve status, and there is far more paper than there is money to cover what has been printed. The bankers, like the rapacious greedy guts they are, are waiting in this sidelines to grab everything of worth.
    They have no system in place to care for their old and disabled. Until recently, the socialized medical care took care of sick people, but no longer. They used to respect the wisdom of age, and took care of their own. No longer. Now, the old must fend for themselves, and there is no safety net for them at all…….only death.
    I only hope they have a system allowing them to self euthanize. The bankers will take them into total poverty.
    The US story is clear, the greedy guts are in control, and the printing party is coming to a screeching halt……..less than half the world uses the dollar any longer, and everyone is realizing the US is the power of the day before yesterday. As an economic world power, the US is finished.
    Selling student loans, mortgages, auto loans and other loans that used to belong to the sellers go online as junk bonds on the NASDEQ…….you know there is something wrong in Camlet.
    All show, and no dough. All flash (including market crashes) and no cash. That is how the electronic US market works. So followed much of the world.
    Ironically, a nation that didn’t follow much of the US is Russia. That is very disturbing to the greedy guts in power.
    Yes, Russia has debt, but it is of the old-fashioned kind, based on real worth.
    We have huge changes coming, and none of us will enjoy it.

  2. All part of the plan, except the final smokescreen of war to hide the collapse is being thrown into confusion by Vlad’s clever play.
    Even now, after the referendum in Ukraine he holds back waiting for a Civil War, which he will be able to manipulate through the confusion.
    He must keep his eye on the other two back doors though, Syria and the Baltic.

  3. To Squodgy: How can war disguise bankruptcy?
    The cost of war usually accelerates it. Think of a few C-5s and what it would cost to replace them……
    Bankruptcy and war usually don’t work well together.
    Perhaps I am missing something?
    I am sure he is keeping his eye on Syria and Baltic.

  4. Hi Marilyn,
    It can’t to the likes of we dissidents, but to the hyped up patriotic mass believers of all the jew owned media tell us, it is very easy.


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