4 thoughts on “Top US Aircraft Designer: F-35 Astonishingly Unmaneuverable – You Can Guarantee That A Russian 1950s Mig-21 Would Just Hopelessly Whip The F-35 In A Dog Fight (Video)”

  1. This was obviously a feather merchant sale. Had anyone tried out this aircraft before sinking taxpayer money into it, the fraud would have been exposed long ago. There are a lot of such sales made in Washington DC.
    I have known people who are called “beltway bandits”. and that is what they are……..they are better at playing the game with politicians then building anything of value.
    The government has certain policies it goes by before it makes a purchase, supposedly the seller can provide the best deal for the best money. Getting the right accountants in there to play the money game is essential to winning.

    Unfortunately, the politicians are not engineers, and they are easily sold on fallacious ideas and policies. The right sounding words work the best for them, most engineers would see right through the weak arguments, but engineers usually don’t go into politics.

    Put in the old boy network and add in favors to certain friends, real quality is lost, and such things happen daily. Now, all the money is gone, and many of our highly promoted military weapons are obsolete.

    This is the result. Too much corruption, too much political favors and the result is this……………..

  2. Marilyn,
    In actual fact, this aircraft was the undisputed winner of a competition between Lockheed/General Dynamics and Boeing/McDonnell Douglas.

    As always, the former produced an aesthetically pleasing as well as practical proposal to the table after both corporations had been given half a billion dollars each to make a prototype.

    Sadly, the performance requirement envelope was tatty and vague, enabling over-runs, in time and money whilst the needs of the frontline morphed towards drones rendering this dinosaur redundant five years ago.

    Total waste of money.

  3. All accidents & incidents records etc for the V-22 OSPREY Tilt Rotor helicopter hybrid for the Marines have been witheld by the Pentagon. It is inherently unsafe and actually unfit for purpose, which is why one doesn’t see them in action in combat zones.
    Designed and ordered as a rapid reaction force entry/exit vehicle for combat, it quickly became obvious it couldn’t hack it, and cost over-runs were getting embarrassing. See below.


    However, over 50 years ago the Brits designed one that could do it, but as usual, Gov incompetence killed it.



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