Cameron, Confiscation, And ‘What’s Yours Ain’t Yours!’


Cameron, Confiscation, And “What’s Yours Ain’t Yours!” (Armstrong Economics,, May 10, 2014):

David Cameron has come out and argued that taxes will rise unless he can raid bank accounts in the UK. Cameron argues he will “have to put up taxes” unless tax officials are given draconian powers to raid people’s bank accounts if they think they even owe money. Trust me – all politicians share ideas. Obama is already conniving a way to do the same thing – you can bet on that.

There is no elite private conspiracy of some dominating group. That implies some comprehension of what is even possible. I have sat in the room with such people and these conspiracy stories give these people way too much credit for being intelligent. Nobody smart enough to handle the job ever seeks such positions. Governments are run by lawyer-politicians who think they need only decree some law that solves the problem. They understand nothing. Why should people keep money in a bank in the UK after Cameron makes such a statement? He is way too stupid to realize people act in anticipation.

If I said I was going to punch you in the face, would you stand there or act in anticipation like move or fight back? Politicians cannot get this through their head that the economy functions always in anticipation of future events. They are just crazy – although not out of their mind entirely just yet. They can read a script, but they are incapable of understanding the people or math.

These people are simply beyond control. All they can see is the immediate issue to survive day-by-day. They have absolutely zero comprehension of what they are doing and even less understanding of what happens when there is no more money they can raid. Those at the helm of the world need no elite-conspiracy. They are too stupid to have long-term plans beyond 30 days. This is how Empires Collapse – they are following the precise step-by-step guide for total chaos.



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  1. Empires collapse when fools gain power, and when that happens, all logic goes out the window. It becomes dysfunctional and everything falls apart.
    When fools get in, watch out, they cause more trouble than anyone else on the planet.

  2. Cameron is a ‘toff arse’.
    Has no connection at all with reality of his country.

    People’s savings are personal. Sacrosanct.

    To claim access to any but criminal accounts is very dangerous.

    However after Cyprus, the precedent that Governments can raid Personal Savings is now set in stone.

    Even the Government Guarantee of Savings Protection up to £70,000 has been RELINQUISHED only last month.

    The answer is obvious….Get Guy Fawkes


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