Fukushima Pref. Fish Sold At Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market For First Time Since Nuclear Crisis

Fish from Iwaki sold at Tsukiji for first time since nuclear crisis (Asahi Shimbun, May 9, 2014):

Fishery products from Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, were traded at Tokyo’s bustling Tsukiji fish market for the first time on May 9 since the disaster began to unfurl at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011.

Of a total of 1.6 tons of flatfish, octopus and other seafood caught the previous day in trial trawling off the coast of Iwaki, 90 kilograms of pricey willowy flounder, 6 kg of greeneyes and another type of fish were traded at the market.

Before being put up for auction, the fishery products underwent voluntary checks for radioactivity levels by the Iwaki city fishery association and other parties. While 13 becquerels per kg were detected from the willowy flounder–well under the government standard of 100 becquerels per kg–readings for the greeneyes were below detectable levels.

Tohto Suisan Co., a wholesaler, said its willowy flounder from Iwaki was traded at around 1,000 yen ($9.80) per kg on May 9, and all six cases, each containing 3 kg of the fish, were sold out. According to the company, trade prices were roughly the same levels as before the nuclear crisis.

“I am happy to see our fish sell quickly,” said Norio Kojima, a Tohto Suisan department chief.

3 thoughts on “Fukushima Pref. Fish Sold At Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market For First Time Since Nuclear Crisis”

  1. Let all the Japs eat their rotten, radiated fish and die. Just don’t try selling their crap over here.

  2. To Squodgy: Oh, if only we could……if everything could be fine and we could go back to normal.
    My mother used to say she wished we could go back to the day before the 911 BS was used to remove all American civil rights….
    I am sure I feel that way about the days before 311………311 is the beginning of the end……..as much as I wish we could go back to normal.
    All the fools in power go on as if this never happened….and that disturbs me more than anything.
    If people of the world could come together to find a solution to this whole mess in Japan, and develop a clear path towards clean energy (As Brazil has), this disaster could be turned into something good. It could create new industries, new jobs, it could be for great things.
    Unfortunately, we have fools in power……so all bets are off but extinction.


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