Veterans Today: Sexual And Masonic Ideology In French Revolution And Implications In Zionist World (Part I)

Sexual and Masonic Ideology in French Revolution and Implications in Zionist World (Part I) (Veterans Today, March 12, 2014):

You want to get rid of Putin? Argue for “democracy.” You want to slaughter people in Iraq and Afghanistan? Tell the entire world you are doing it in the name of “democracy.” You don’t like Bashar al-Assad? Call him a dictator, a supporter of terrorists, and a hater of “democracy.”

The French Revolution led to a bloody conflict, and “democracy,” which the neoconservatives have jammed down everyone’s throat, has been doing the same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Iran, and now Ukraine and Russia.

Putin, a few months ago, set Jewish fraudster Mikhail Khodorkovsky free, but Khodorkovsky is now speaking to crowds in Kiev,[67] inciting more violence against authorities.

The Times of Israel declares that as soon as Khodorkovsky began to speak, “The crowd soon broke into a cry of ‘Russia, Rise Up!’ while several elderly women dabbed their eyes with handkerchiefs.”[68]

Following the Judaizing movements in the early centuries, Khodorkovsky told the crowd, “Fight and you will triumph. God is on your side.”[69] According to him, fighting against Russia is “a revolution of justice.”

He continued,

“Russian propaganda lies, as always. There are no fascists or Nazis here, no more than on the streets on Moscow or St Petersburg. These are wonderful people who stood up for their freedom.”

What we are seeing here is that over the centuries, the same political and Masonic spirit of the French Revolution has gotten more sophisticated and strategic.

Over the centuries it has jumped around from place to place and movement to movement and has even taken different forms and variations. But the metaphysical ideology remains intact.

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