2 thoughts on “What American Soldiers Think of Ukraine”

  1. I hope this is the attitude of the many, not the few.
    It is only when soldiers weary of endless wars that something happens when they get home, their families speak out, and an antiwar movement gets some traction. The US is running out of funds financing these endless wars to enrich a few at the cost of everyone else. It is getting harder to recruit people who are willing to be cannon fodder for a big bonus of $18K PLUS.
    The next step, once the mercenaries get too expensive, is the draft. A draft of men and women…..it won’t be pretty. So much for the honor of war, etc……
    It is a big mistake. Endless wars for no reason but big business is beyond stupid, it destroys nations. We are next……to be destroyed.

  2. Fake photo courtesy of Adolph Putin. Fighting Russian imperialism is infinitely more nobel than overthrowning Arab governments for oil.

    FYI, Marilyn Gjerdrum is a paid Putin propagandist working who lives in fascist Russia.


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