Moscow And Tehran Answer America

Moscow and Tehran Answer America (Strategic Culture Foundation, May 2, 2014):

American strategists are obsessed with the idea of a cold war with the Kremlin without having any understanding of how it might end. The White House’s efforts to make Russia out as the guilty party in what is happening in Ukraine is not receiving support in the international community. Only U.S. satellites are on Washington’s side; even in NATO countries there is no unity on the national level. The Americans’ references to anti-Russian decisions from the European Commission may be disregarded; there the terms are dictated by around thirty commissioners appointed by the Council of Europe to whose opinions the leading countries of the Old World have never listened. U.S. policy on Ukraine is incompatible with the interests of a large number of states, including one of the leaders of the Middle East – Iran.

Several days ago at the traditional Friday prayers at Tehran University, the Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami called American intervention an «act of aggression». «U.S. intervention in events in Ukraine has put this state on the brink of war», declared Ayatollah Khatami. His assessment reflects the position of Iran’s leadership, although the U.S. continually attempts to depict Iran as a country which is supposedly endeavoring to use the disagreements between Russia and America in its own interests. Falsehoods are being spread about Tehran’s willingness drop oil prices to the detriment of Russia’s interests and replace Russian gas in Europe. Washington is genuinely frightened by the possibility of responsive measures from the Kremlin in the area of Iran and is attempting to prevent Moscow from decisively turning away toward Tehran. Many believe that this could be the most effective response to U.S. attempts to establish its diktat in the Middle East. A strategic alliance between Russia and Iran could force Washington to feel the consequences of its Ukrainian scheme far beyond Eastern Europe. This is not a matter of some kind of «geopolitical revenge» against America; it is more appropriate here to speak of Russia consistently protecting its national interests jointly with a state which has a need to rid itself of the diktat of the U.S.

And probably the first thing which Moscow could do here is to remove the White House’s mechanism for putting pressure on Tehran by disrupting the American system of sanctions against Iran. After all, Russia only signed the UN Security Council sanctions; it considers the unilateral restrictions adopted by the U.S. and the European Union to be unlawful. Now the Kremlin has confirmed this constant position with a specific step toward Tehran. Russia and Iran have finished negotiations on shipments of Russian goods in exchange for Iranian oil. The contract could amount to a total of 20 billion dollars. There are plans to buy 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day. And the deal struck between Russia and Iran does not violate the international sanctions imposed on Tehran, which in and of itself evoked a near-hysterical reaction from Washington.

After reports of the deal appeared, Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that the White House intends to pursue sanctions against Tehran and Moscow if the deal goes through. «We are very crystal clear that anything like such an agreement between Russia and Iran might have potential sanctionable action and would likely create tremendous rifts within the P5+1 which would make coming to a comprehensive agreement [on Iran’s nuclear program] all the more difficult if not impossible,» said a U.S. State Department official. In fact, the opposite is true. Russia and Iran are negotiating the oil deal regardless of the position of the U.S. in order to make it more difficult for the Obama administration to impose the new sanctions against Tehran which are being prepared by Congress. The Kremlin is rejecting calls from the U.S. not to sign the oil-for-goods contract with Iran. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that the expansion of Russian-Iranian trade is «a natural process, and it carries no elements of political or economic challenge to anyone whatsoever.» He described the U.S. approach as the creation of «artificial barriers» to the development of Russian-Iranian cooperation.

The White House says, in reference to Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO, that President Putin wants to create a «new world order» denying the principle that «countries are…free to choose their alliances». Returning to the Cold War era, Washington is demanding that NATO countries increase defense spending and transform themselves into a tougher military union with a clear-cut orientation against Russia. The American scenario has already been written: accepting Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan as NATO members and deploying U.S. troops and aviation in Poland and the Baltic states. In establishing a military blockade around Russia and creating new footholds on Russia’s borders, Washington is defending its «freedom to choose its alliances», while pointing out to Moscow that it must not engage in military and technical cooperation with Iran.  For this reason alone, Russia’s return to full-scale military and technical cooperation with Iran is absolutely legitimate. The resurrection of the deal for supplying S-300 systems to Iran could be the beginning of this.

After all, in this case, as with the oil-for-goods contract, Russia would not be in violation of Security Council Resolution 1929 dated June 9, 2010, which was the cause for suspending the execution of Russia’s obligations to supply S-300 systems to Iran. The restrictions contained in this resolution do not apply to the shipments of S-300s, as these surface-to-air systems are defensive, and their sale to Iran does not violate any international agreements. At one time Washington expressed its appreciation to Russia for its «restraint» in not implementing the contract for the delivery of S-300s to Iran. State Department representative Philip Crowley noted that the resolution urges all countries to show caution and restraint in the sale of any arms. He agreed, however, that the sale of S-300s is not prohibited by the Security Council decision. It turns out that Moscow  broke off its military cooperation with Tehran at that time in exchange for America’s appreciation.

Perhaps the time has now come to «work on fixing mistakes» with regard to cooperation with the United States on the Afghan agenda as well. Tehran believes that continued U.S. and NATO military presence in Afghanistan could have negative consequences both for that country and for the region as a whole. It is hard not to agree with the Iranians’ arguments that Afghanistan could be used by the U.S. to regulate the threat level to states bordering on Afghanistan to its own advantage. All the more so since the Afghans themselves do not wish to sign a colonial agreement with the Americans, who want to remain in the country for long years to come. Now, when NATO has declared that it is suspending military cooperation with Russia, it makes sense to abandon interaction with NATO on Afghanistan, as such interaction is not significant to Russia. NATO is in no hurry to abandon its transit hub in Ulyanovsk for deployment of men and cargo to Afghanistan, but Moscow could make a decision on this on its own initiative at any time it sees fit…

Keep in mind that neither the thaw in relations between Washington and Tehran nor the concessions of the new Iranian diplomacy at negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program have changed  the position of the U.S. in rejecting Iran’s participation in the Syrian peace process. Iran is among the greatest influences on the crisis in Syria. Nevertheless, while it remains in the foreground of Syrian events, Tehran has been pushed out of international efforts to settle the conflict. This was an attempt on Washington’s part to provoke Iran and irritate Moscow. In the new conditions, the alliance of Russia and Iran could very well compete with the United States, which depends on cooperation with international terrorism.

This year V. Putin plans to visit Iran. Besides the further development of regional partnership, it is expected that Russia and Iran could come to a «Big Agreement» on cooperation based on a new agenda for bilateral relations. Iran is interested in further cooperation with Russia in the field of atomic energy. Preparations for the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea require a breakthrough on the highest level. Both sides are interested in joint projects in Iran’s oil and gas sector, in space exploration and in the development of transportation infrastructure. The main thing now is to stop determining the depth and scale of bilateral collaboration with a backward glance at Washington. As the Persian proverb says, «dogs may bark, but the caravan goes on».

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  1. George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President AND Senior Advisor and former Head of CIA, during the Reagan Presidency arranged and co-ordinated the destruction of the USSR by funding and supplying OSAMA bin LADEN, the CIA funded leader of the Afghan MUJAHIDEEN rebels, with many anti Mil-24 Hind STINGER missiles & grenades.
    Both Russia & Iran have now awoken to the truth.

  2. Iran, despite US lies and propaganda, is a very rich country thanks to the Iraq war. China and Russia, along with many nations, including India and Japan, have a strong trading partnership with Tehran. All the rot about Iran suffering from US sanctions is just that……rot.
    Iran, China, Turkey, many middle eastern and European nations are allies of Russia. Russia provides $120 billion GDP to the EU every year. They are not about to give it up on a childish, petulant demand from the world’s largest debtor nation. The US has lost a great deal of it relevance, it provides little, it no longer exports anything but death equipment. It is a sorry remaining shell of its former greatness.
    All of these countries listed above have stopped using the dollar, thanks to electronic currencies, modeled on the Sucre, introduced by Hugo Chavez in 2010 for the South American Trade Alliance. It is a tiny group, $500 million a year GDP, and it flew under the US radar. It allows member nations to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving conversion to the dollar out. The Sucre simply translates the value of each currency, making conversion to any other currency obsolete.
    Putting sanctions against people who no longer use the dollar is absurd and impotent. Does Jay Carney have a clue? This is beyond stupid.
    The US is doing everything to drum up a world war against Russia, and if they can add Iran, it is a bonus for the warmongers. Nobody is buying it, and the US is in the position Germany was in 1940, it has become a rogue nation and its word means nothing.
    If the US gets us into a world war, the US will lose.
    We have a gaggle of fools in power, and Putin is one man in control. It is no accident history is made by men, not groups of idiots.

  3. To Squodgy: You are right, George Herbert W. Bush’s father sold goods to the Nazis while the US was at war with them, they will do anything for more power and money.

    Did you ever find it odd that George Herbert only flew one mission, and he was the only one to survive?
    Anything these bottom feeders get involved in is bound to have bad results.
    I have known a number of Iranians, I used to tutor them in business when in College 35+ years ago. There were a lot of MBA students there. I was a history major, but used to help them gain the concepts of what was being taught by using graphs……graphs are a great way to convey ideas when you are learning from those speaking a foreign language.

    They resented the US’s role with the Shah, putting him in power was a reign of terror for all of them for 15 years……he used to bring out prisoners at his banquets and torture them for entertainment. This was what the US left them with…….one Iranian put it best when he said “imagine riding along using a donkey cart and seeing a jet plane fly over.” It was truly shocking for all of them.

    When they finally overthrew the Shah in late 1978, the Shah came straight to the US. The Iranians were so terrified the US would put him back into power that they grabbed the US embassy, and kept the members captive for 444 days. They did send the women home. Once it was made clear the US would NOT restore the Shah, he moved someplace to live in obscurity, the crisis finally ended. US media said it was because they were afraid of Reagan…, the deal was finally cut by Carter a few days before he left office.

    The Iranian’s rightful fear of the shah was never mentioned in US media.

    The way the US treated Iran was bad enough. I don’t know much about OBL, I have heard much propaganda about him. I only know that in 2000 he was on kidney machines because his were failing. I have never seen anyone living on these machines survive more than a year or so.

    That makes a certain attack and kill (where there were no pictures released) of him a couple of years ago look fake. Also, the idea of sea burial isn’t the way desert people dispose of the dead. They usually wrap the bodies in a shroud, and burn them. Mourners attend the burning.

    All of those highly promoted stories about his death, how Obama got him struck me as very unlikely. The more I have seen of his administration, the less I find believable.
    His made pursuit of Putin for stopping his corporate enriching invasion of Syria was the last straw with millions. Nobody, least of all the EU leaders, believe a word he says.
    The US has lost all credibility.GW Bush was bad enough, but Obama finished and instilled contempt everywhere.
    I wish my people had stayed in England instead of coming to the new world and fighting in the American Revolution (that wasn’t). At least you have a parliamentary system, and can get rid of jerks that are insane……in the US, we cannot. It has become a one party system. Some have d after their names, others have r, but both sides serve the same corporate interests, not those of the people or of the world.

  4. Obama showed the world gross incompetence. No one is on the US side any more. Obama has fired thousands of military commanders, making HIS military weak and helpless. .Why would anyone listen to that baboon in a muslim dress?

  5. To Guset: You are correct about Obama. Never was there a man swept to power with such a powerful mandate as he. Even the foolish Nobel Peace Prize folks gave him a peace prize in hopes he would restore the US to pre-bush days. Instead, he kept the status quo, continued to serve the greedy guts at the cost of everyone else, and did nothing to help homeowners, or small business that were being crushed by the greedy guts.
    He expanded the privatization of prisons so greedy guts could rent out convicts at 70 cents a day… them cheap labor, even more than the Chinese slave labor. They handle customer service for greedy guts, even handle credit card numbers. Does anyone really think identity theft is just done by hackers? What a joke…..on the American people.
    Greedy guts are also given big tax credits for using convicts, leaving more American workers unemployed and in the dust.
    100 million working age Americans are unemployed now. Out of a total population of 335 million, that puts real unemployment at 37% according to a Wall Street expert. The lies real unemployment is at 7% is a product of twisted statistics.
    You are spot on. Obama has lost the respect of everyone. He has burned every group that ever supported him, his draconian laws in NDAA proves to anyone who reads he is no friend of the people.
    When I heard that Obama was the first editor of the Harvard Review never to submit a single paper for publication, I realized he was planted and planned years ago. He is indeed the first Manchurian Candidate, and US voters fell for the sell job. He is corporate to the bone, and does what they tell him to do, the needs or wishes of the people is irrelevant to him.
    I don’t know if he has fired thousands of military commanders, I would have to research that, but I know anything that enriches private corporations at public expense is his MO. He sold out all the people who backed him, except the big corporations, of course.


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