Journal: ‘Fukushima has an Ongoing Melt-Out’ – ‘Nuclear fuel mixing with groundwater and leaking into sea’ – ‘Disaster never seen in human history and imagined only in movies’

Journal: “Fukushima has an Ongoing Melt-Out” — “Is this not the worst possible outcome?” — “Nuclear fuel mixing with groundwater and leaking into sea” — “Disaster never seen in human history and imagined only in movies” — Tokyo Newspaper: “A situation in which massive accidents occur daily” (ENENews, April 24, 2014):

Syndic Literary Journal No. 10, by poet Taki Yuriko and translated by John Saxon, Dec. 2013:

Excerpts from ‘Fukushima has an Ongoing Melt-Out’

  • On March 11, 2011, Pandora’s Box was opened.
  • TEPCO reports, “1000 tons of groundwater Flow daily into the reactor structure. Half the contaminated water is Pumped into land tanks, but Half leaks out to sea”
  • In short, Melted nuclear fuel has accumulated In the reactor bottom – Meltdown.
  • But now it has breached the reactor bottom, Leaking out of the containment vessel – Melt-through.
  • Containment vessels have at least two openings, An entrance for ground water and An exit for contaminated water. Nuclear fuel mixing With the ground water and Leaking into the sea – Melt-out!
  • Is this not The worst possible outcome?
  • But they deliberately hide the danger, Removing key terms from their reports.
  • With the kind of disaster Never seen in human history and Imagined only in movies, Why is there no clear admission?
  • The Japanese government says it can retire these plants within forty years. But only if robots can be developed in ten years To replace the human workers And determine where the problem is Inside the highly radioactive reactor. “Where the problem is?!”
  • It’s the “hole” through which the Melted nuclear fuel is leaking! Why don’t they SAY THAT?!

Tokyo Shinbun editorial (pdf), Aug. 22, 2013: “After the massive accident at Fukushima, we are now in a situation in which massive accidents occur daily.”

Japan Times, Commentary by Prof. Christopher Hobson of Waseda University: Apr. 24, 2014: […] many serious challenges lie ahead. There will be more leaks and problems at the No. 1 plant. There will also have to be the controlled release of contaminated water into the ocean. Public support and understanding will be needed through these difficult processes. For this to happen, Tepco needs to begin to rebuild its credibility with the public […] Tepco’s regaining the trust of Japan’s public is just as difficult a task as resolving the technical challenges in decommissioning the plant. The only way this might happen is […] to be more honest and transparent about the problems in Fukushima.

View the complete poem by Taki Yuriko here

1 thought on “Journal: ‘Fukushima has an Ongoing Melt-Out’ – ‘Nuclear fuel mixing with groundwater and leaking into sea’ – ‘Disaster never seen in human history and imagined only in movies’”

  1. The end of humanity, of our civilization, and nobody says a word. Wars, financial collapses……it is all coming together at one time. This is one thing we cannot overcome, there is no technology for it.
    It is killing us in CA, and all of the west coast of the Americas. Many months ago hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica, dogs, not knowing any better, ate them and died instantly.
    It is getting worse every day.
    Nothing is said in US or EU media.
    Denial is killing us, literally, and CA is getting dosed from all sides…….madness…….nobody says a word. Soon, it will be unlivable. I won’t be here to see it, but this could well be the end of the world as we knew it.
    The fools in power are doing all they can to take us into a war we cannot win, we have no allies, no coalition, no support. Our own people are war weary, and are not behind it… they aren’t telling them. US media is a disgusting array of lies, tabloid and obfuscation. It is probably covering Passover and calling that news. I cannot bear to look at it, I find it so insulting, so I can only speculate. Occasionally, I do a quick scan, but right now, I see no reason to do so. I went to the websites of MSNBC, and they said nothing about it. I went to Ed Schultz’s radio site and sent him an email asking what happened to him…..he used to cover the truth. Bloomberg had the article posted on this site, at least they are discussing the war Obama is starting. His hatred for Putin is beyond reason, the Manchurian candidate is cracking……and that is what he is.
    Obama was made editor of the Harvard Review without submitting one paper for publication. He was planted years ago, suckered the American people, and is truly our first Manchurian Candidate. God help us.
    Since Putin sent him scurrying for cover from his mad attack on Syria, he has tried by every means to turn the world against Putin. Instead, it has had the opposite effect, and the sane world is behind Putin. Germany told the US to butt out of the Ukraine. The UK and Israel, the last remaining allies of the US are strangely silent…..they won’t get involved.
    Obama is so arrogant that he is acting without telling the American people. Putin can and will hit back, and it won’t just be in the Ukraine…..he headed the KGB for many years, and is wise to all the CIA tricks and murders going on there. He will hit us with the help of China and North Korea……..
    This will give the assholes in DC the excuse to establish military rule, and it could happen before Summer.
    God help us, the world has indeed gone mad. We have a Manchurian candidate as commander in chief.


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