Martin Armstrong Warns ‘Abandon The UK Before You Can’t’

Martin Armstrong Warns “Abandon The UK Before You Can’t” (ZeroHedge, April 22, 2014):

The following is a new ad campaign in Britain.


As we have warned numerous times – muddle-through has failed; Martin Armstrong notes, the politicians have squandered everything and now they are hunting down capital everywhere and the view is people have to pay whatever they demand or you are just a criminal. Nobody even bothers to look at what they are doing to the world economy.

These advertisements are appearing everywhere and they will only succeed in created the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Source: Armstrong Economics

3 thoughts on “Martin Armstrong Warns ‘Abandon The UK Before You Can’t’”

  1. They’ve had campaigns to stop this ad nauseum.
    The ingenuity of the real working man knows no bounds. He will always find a way. During WWll, there was rationing, but there were always two economies, the official one and the real black one.
    The most stupid aspect here is that large offshore structured corporations can negotiate with the head of the Inland Revenue so no Company Tax is paid on profits or Directors Bonuses/fiddles, yet the little man is hounded.

    If they’re not careful, what WILL happen will be akin to the Chinese Rioters beating the corrupt policemen to death.

  2. These scaremongering Financial Advisers have been using the Revenue’s threats to drum up business for decades also.
    The duty of the revenue hasn’t changed one jot in that time.
    They have always had purges, just like cops on drugs or hookers. I tidies things up for a while, then things return to normal.
    The special treatment Hartnett set up with the Global Corps like Vodaphone, Starbucks, Amazon and many more is what is wrong and losing the Revenue money.
    But now Hartnett has ‘retired’ and is a gamekeeper turned poacher doing the lecture circuit for big bucks whilst on a massive inflation proof state pension….now that’s fair isn’t it?
    Meanwhile starbucks avoid paying profits tax but send 10% of their profits to look after little jew trainee banksters and conmen in their israeli kibbutze camps.

  3. Squodgy, you suggested I consider going there to get away from the dreadful conditions in the states…..are you sure a regular person is better off? My people came from England, served in the American Revolution…….I have often yearned to go there. Does it really matter, or is it too late, as it is here?


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