Ukraine Calls For US Military Support

Ukrainian Prime Minister

Ukraine calls for US military support (PressTV, April 20, 2014):

The Ukrainian acting prime minister says his country needs to be militarily and economically supported from the United States in its standoff with Russia.

“We need a strong and solid state. We need financial and economic support. We need to modernize our security and military forces. We need the real support,” said Arseniy Yatsenyuk while appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

He made the remarks ahead of a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine this week.

Accusing the Russian President of undermining global stability and nuclear nonproliferation efforts, Yatsenyuk claimed Moscow is now not only a threat to Ukraine and the EU and but the world.

“How can you stop the nuclear-powered state, which is Russian Federation, that spent billions of dollars to modernize their military instead of Ukraine?” he asked.

“And it’s crystal clear that for today Russia… is the threat to the globe and the threat to the European Union and a real threat to Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian premier added that Kiev in addition to financial and economic support needs US help to renovate its military.

“We need to be in very good shape in order to stop Russia.  And for this shape, we need to have and to get the real support from our Western partners.” “We need financial, economic support.  We need to modernize Ukrainian military and to overhaul all structures of Ukrainian defense system.”

3 thoughts on “Ukraine Calls For US Military Support”

  1. Won’t work. No coalition, no support……the US is now a rogue nation, the Sick Man of the Americas……..and nobody believes a word they say. Even Israel won’t take on Putin and Putin is a man who really has power, and knows how to use it.
    Today, Putin let the Russian central bank fail. Had the US done that in 2007, the US might have some credibility left, and they would be able to work up some support. Instead, they are playing the same tired games, cleaned up none of the mess, punished none of the crooks, and are now know as an oasis for criminals.
    It won’t play this time. Can’t have a world war without a strong coalition, and the only one who has one is Putin. He has China, India, Japan, the EU won’t go against him, Russia provides $120 billion a year GDP to them…..Even the UK has said no to this one.
    The US is all alone, all credibility is gone. Less than half the world even accepts the dollar any longer………the game is over.


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