The Eviction Of The Indigenous People Of Diego Garcia (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Learning new things every day….so proud to be British….not.”

Added: Oct 28, 2013


Producer Andrew Tkach and correspondent Christian Amanpour report on the hushed up eviction of the indigenous people of Diego Garcia to make way for one of America’s most strategic air and navy bases. The full story aired on CBS News 60 Minutes.

3 thoughts on “The Eviction Of The Indigenous People Of Diego Garcia (Video)”

  1. Squodgy, thanks for bringing that article to our attention. I am one of many who does not watch any US media, 90% is total rot. I didn’t even know about this debacle, and media said nothing about it. What a dreadful thing to do, and when the American commander said at the end of the clip the US has a moral reason to do something…….moral and USA are an oxymoron…..
    I don’t watch 60 minutes, it is a show most of the sheep watch, so never view it. This was worth hearing, even though nothing will be done to remedy the situation.
    How they could do that, force them to leave with nothing, threats to their pets……how sadistic is that?
    I am no happier being American than you are being British.

  2. Thankyou Marilyn.
    Like I said before, the more I read & investigate, the more convinced I am that the UK isn’t the little poodle behind the scenes.
    On the face of it, like with USA, we have a bunch of dithering idiots, chosen in advance by the people in the backroom, but they are just marionettes.
    Historically, the British Commonwealth is still run by the British Government, and regardless of your Declaration of Independence etc, the roots go deep, like a fungus.
    I recall how the elected leader of Australia was suddenly removed by the UK appointed Governor General, after choosing to raise oil exploration funds from Saudi rather than the Fed & its big daddy…..the Rothschilds.


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