DEBUNKED: MH370: Passenger Philip Wood’s Diego Garcia Photo/Text

Debunked: MH370: Passenger Philip Wood’s Diego Garcia Photo/Text (Before It’s News, April 5, 2014):

By Deborah Dupre

A photo allegedly posted from Diego Garcia onto the internet by a passenger on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Phillip Wood, has been debunked, in case the reader ever believed the cruel hoax to be true.

The photo story was heavily promoted by many, including Jim Stone on Before It’s News. Stone recently revealed the source of the image, saying it was 4Chan. Like Sorcha Faal, 4Chan is noted for disinformation that is often debunked. Predictably, Stone has drummed up more attention by writing pieces calling all skeptics of his story shills.

Reading a hoax or even disinformation is tricky because it holds an element of truth, even up to 95% truth so that the remaining percentage is also believedt. Disinformation, not to be confused with misinformation, is a military weapon of war. Global Research notes a life-or-death importance of knowing the difference between disinformation and truth in its article, In the War on Media Disinformation, the Truth is our Most Valuable Weapon. (See: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.)