The Dumping Of Deadly Fukushima Groundwater Into Pacific Ocean To Begin In May

Dumping of Fukushima groundwater into Pacific Ocean to begin in May (Voice of Russia, March 31, 2014):

Tokyo Electric Power Co’s dumping of groundwater from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant will begin in May, according to Japan’s minister statement, made on Sunday. Tepco is intended to create a bypass system that will direct the water flow towards the devastated plant and then funnel it to the sea way before it reaches the reactor buildings.

A local fishermen organization on Tuesday decided to allow Tepco to dump groundwater into the sea on condition that the water is clean enough for release.

Toshimitsu Motegi, Economy, Trade and Industry Minister informed the fishermen that the company will not start the release of the groundwater until the season for catching young sand lance is over.

Kenji Nakada, an official at the Fukushima Fisheries Federation, stressed that the final consideration was based on the fact that the release of contaminated water couldn’t be allowed. According to Nakada, if the situation continued as it was the whole system would fall down. In such a case the fisheries in Fukushima would be completely finished.

By operating the groundwater bypass system, Tepco would reduce the amount of water seeping into the reactor buildings by about 100 tons per day. Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority and the International Atomic Energy Agency both supported TEPCO’s initiative, explaining that the controlled release of low-level water will provide more storage space at the facility for irradiated water.

The Fishermen have set a mandatory condition for Tepco to hire a third party to monitor radiation levels of groundwater before the release. The acceptable level should be less than 1 becquerels per litre of Cesium-134.

It should be noted that in March Tepco had to delay the decontamination process after the problems with water filtering systems had been discovered at the plant.

3 thoughts on “The Dumping Of Deadly Fukushima Groundwater Into Pacific Ocean To Begin In May”

  1. Bollocks!! More disinfo.

    It’s been pumped and has been overflowing & leaking in quantities of roughly 100 tons EVERY DAY for at least a full year if not longer.

    These people have been proven liars since the original event 3 years ago.

    Just check, and all the references on Infinite Unknown and it is in your face.

    As yet, the effects of this mess are minimal and under-reported, but if monitoring of the radiation and the incidence of thyroid tumours/cancer were made public we would be able to take whatever action we need to minimise the effects……but it isn’t….so we must assume somebody somewhere wants us all to die a very painful death.


  2. Commence in May? May 2011 is closer to the truth, it has been flooding the ocean, air, soil and water from day one.
    Who are they kidding?

  3. The irony of all these lies is that they will all die, too. Radiation has covered the entire planet, and it will continue until all human and animal life is over…….this is genocide on a mass scale. We were warned, but our greedy leaders wanted to get money, so they let the foxes into the henhouse. Now, it is too late for all, regardless of where you live. Greedy guts will die along with the rest of the human species. is one good source, as is this site, is another……written from those in Japan; used to be good, but someone got to Arnie Gunderson and told him to shut up. His reports skirt the entire issue. Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center is another , as is Radcast.
    I have heard from friends who use Facebook (I won’t) that this story is gaining momentum there as well.


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