Students Walk Out On War Criminal Dick Cheney (Video) Walk Out On War Criminal Dick Cheney (Crooks And Liars, March 31, 2014):

Dozens of students at American University protested an appearance by Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney recently, leaving to shouts of “War Criminal”.

Cheney also said what was done after 9/11 wasn’t torture. A soon-to-be-released Senate document says otherwise. More on that in John’s piece from this weekend.

via Samuel Warde

Video footage shows students walking out on Dick Cheney while he was speaking at American University. The students were protesting his foreign policy, and calling him a “War criminal” as they left the arena.

As reported by American University’s The Eagle, the former vice-president denied allegations that he was a war criminal saying that “the accusation are not true.”

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  1. Good.
    Even better would be to shove his sorry ass on to a 747 and land it in a country that would jail & torture him… he did when he had the power.
    What goes around comes around.


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