View across the Tundra in Denali National Park

In order to stay up, this site needs your support, …

… especially because it is not generating any income via annoying advertisements.

Donations in January: € 170

Donations in February: € 0

Donations in March: € 145

Thank you for your support.

4 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. I tried to give you a donation, but your system insists I use Paypal. Is there any way I can get an address to send you a check? There is no email access I could find to ask, also.
    If you want to keep your location private, I get it, but a PO Box might be an answer.
    Let me know.

    • @Marilyn,

      If you click on the donate button you’ll see my email address on top of the page.

      Yes, I want to keep my location private, but I am looking into other options that could be used for donations.

      But this will take time.

      Maybe somebody else could donate for you via PayPal?

      Thank you for all your comments and your support.

      Infinite Unknown

    • @Ignace,

      Tried to install a bitcoin client today.

      This turned out to be difficult because I am not using a Microsoft or Apple operating system.

      I couldn’t install bitcoin the ‘normal’ way on my system, because it rejected the installation.

      And so I’ve tried to do it manually and followed the installation steps, but that didn’t work out either … so far.


      I’ve been told by somebody I trust to stay away from bitcoin.

      And I never really trusted bitcoin.


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