Massive 8.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Chile Coast; Tsunami Strikes Coast


buy Lyrica 150 mg online8.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off Chile; Tsunami Strikes Coast (ABC News, April 1, 2014) 8.0 Quake Hits Near Chile Coast, Tsunami Warning Issued; Residents Evacuating (Zerohedge, April 1, 2014)

2 thoughts on “Massive 8.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Chile Coast; Tsunami Strikes Coast”

  1. This climate change is going to affect everyone, even those of us on the west coast.
    Living a dozen years in a coastal rain forest taught me the planet is very much alive, and we as a species are very small. 98% of all species known to have lived on this planet are now extinct……looks like we are going to join them.
    Look at what we have done to this magnificent planet with the nuclear garbage pouring out of Fukushima, the emissions none of the greedy guts will even bother to curb, too many people on the planet……..we are wiping ourselves out. The planet, in order to survive will wash us away as easily as you or I wash an ant off the sink.
    Remember the saying “Its not nice to fool Mother Nature”? The fake PR pope put it best when he said “God forgives, nature doesn’t.”
    This is just the beginning. Add in rising sea levels and the pollution killing our seafood……the entire food chain has been sharply interrupted……..this is how the planet responds.


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