Ukrainian Authorities To Tame Eastern Regions With Mercenaries From Blackwater Subsidiary

Blackwater, then Xe and now Academi.

Greystone is a subsidiary of Blackwater.

Ukrainian authorities to tame Eastern regions with aid of private military company (ITAR-TASS, March 25, 2014):

Dnepropetrovsk, March 25. /ITAR-TASS/. An overseas private military company will engages in the suppressing of protest moods of the mostly Russian-speaking population in the East of Ukraine, a source at the Security Service of Ukraine said Monday

“The case in hand is Greystone Ltd. company,” he said.

The incumbent authorities in Kiev that came to power as a result of a coup believe that the Security Service branches in the eastern regions are unable to suppress the protest moods and “to neutralize” the leaders and activists of the broad pro-Russian movement here.

This opinion is maintained, among others, by the interim acting president of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov.

“That’s why a decision has been taken to bring foreign mercenaries into the operation,” the source said. “They will perform the functions of a political secret police and a state security guard.”

The initiative to bring in mercenaries belongs to the oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta, whom the regime in Kiev has appointed governors of the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions respectively.

“A recent meeting at Turchinov’s office examined a plan of action for suppressing the protest movements in the Eastern regions,” the source said.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Authorities To Tame Eastern Regions With Mercenaries From Blackwater Subsidiary”

  1. Jacob Rothschild, we have just learned from the Malaysian 777 issue, owns the Company that owns Blackwater.
    So, this looks like an error on his part.
    Exposure is undesirable for these manipulators as the dumbest of the sheeples can join these dots.
    It will be interesting to see how the alternative media pick up on it.

  2. To Squodgy: Speaking of sheep, there are mercenary troops stationed in every state of the US union. Here in CA, we managed to keep them out, so, they changed their name, and got in that way. When we protested, they said it was a state problem……….
    If Rothschild is behind this, this is really bad. I’d like to see some alternative media. Today, because we are getting rain for a change, I turned on US “local” news to get the weather update. Every station was covering murder trials, they don’t even attempt to cover any news beyond traffic and weather, even the dumbest are realizing there is something wrong……..
    When the Nazis picked up the leading Rothschild member, he was in a cell with Persian rugs, private chef, his own clothes, servants, and gave the Nazis a huge ransom to let him go.
    These people are making themselves targets all over again…… is pure madness. Grabbing the wealth of the people of the world is horrible enough, but banking mercenaries is just as evil as it gets. Bush 2 brought them into the US into all states…….his old man had one mission as a “fighter pilot”, everyone died but him. Bush family money came from selling to the Nazis.
    We have evil people in charge of the world.
    Perhaps Fukushima is doing us all a favor……… will kill them, too.


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