Store Wars (Video)

I’ve posted this video before (back in March of 2008).

Thought you might enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “Store Wars (Video)”

  1. “Bank failures are virtually unknown in China?”
    They are supposedly unknown in modern USA, but, somehow, bad things keep happening in the world economy to generate panics.
    What about the bond defaults over the past 3 weeks……three different government protected bond issues were allowed to collapse……..
    Do solvent governments do these things?
    I doubt it. China is in deep trouble, remember this is from Reuters, and they are US controlled……

  2. Having experienced dire results from my rose garden (puffballs, black spot and aphids) I decided to rip them out build up the plot and turn it into a mini organic allotment.
    Fair results, good fun, nice feelings, lessons learnt and the knowledge I grew it.
    This year, we are being subjected to massive chemtrailing, which on the second day as it sinks to ground level, it forms a drizzly mist, for which I wear a mask these days.
    I’ve just been out to do a job, and noticed a strange metallic taste in the air, but it disappeared when I went back in the house. I remembered Rosalind Peterson of the then California Skywatch (now the Agriculture Defense Coalition) referring to it being the mix of Aluminium/Barium/Mercury/Silver/Iodine/Sulphur oxides in the spray.
    So, I need to rethink my strategy to cover my vegetables….they really do seem to want us culled.
    Great video, thanks for posting again.


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