Who Just Dumped $220 Million Nasdaq Futures In 1 Second?

Who Just Dumped $220 Million Nasdaq Futures In 1 Second? (ZeroHedge, March 21, 2014):

At 10:27:21 ET, the Nasdaq 100 e-mini futures contract suddenly dropped on extreme activity as someone decided it was an opportune time to dump 3000 contracts or around $220 million notional. As Nanex notes, the ETF – QQQ – also collapsed (with over 1200 trades in 1 second) as bids and offers were crossed and markets went flash-crashy for a few tenths of a second. The questions is – who was it? Waddell & Reed?

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  1. Its a rigged market. Greedy guts are the only ones allowed to trade after hours, normal, decent people cannot do it. It means more skim and sell high frequency trade…..which continues to drain what is left of the US market.
    The American Stock Exchange is gone, consolidated. Now, they want to consolidate the NASDEQ and the NYSE. Why? They are supposedly two very different areas of the market, NASDEQ is high risk, NYSE used to be high quality, blue chip stocks……no longer. Now, it is just an empty cauldron……..
    There is very little left in the way of real cash. They now leverage the leveraged funds, but foreign funds have vanished. This last nonsense with Syria and Russia have pretty well hardened the world against the US, and nobody with an ounce of sense is doing anything but getting every cent they can steal out of this economy before it collapses. As less of the world uses the dollar (less than 50% now), less nations will bother putting anything in the US. It is so crooked, it is not trustworthy.
    We have criminals running this country, and a demigod is waiting in the shadows for the economic collapse that is upon us. It won’t be in five years, it will be any time now.
    Russia is in a better position of trust to the world than the US. The US has run roughshod over the world too long. Putin has stood up to them, and the world cheers him.
    Putin has made one mistake…….he is tying Russia to China. China is in worse shape than the US, and leadership is just as corrupt, so nothing is repaired here, the staging is changed, nothing more.
    Unfortunately, for the US, it is now the rogue nation, considered the threat to world peace. Thank our last two presidents for it, the Bush doctrine has destroyed our image around the world. Obama’s protection of all things Bush has made it worse. The US does not have its own people behind it.
    If there is another 911 event, the people will not get behind this government……it is a different time, and people are war weary and disgusted. Their wallets are emptier, and the career based economy has vanished. Now, it is empty, just all financial smoke and mirrors and exporting death. Neither lines of work create jobs or are profiles for economic growth.
    The US as a major world economic power is finished.


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