1 thought on “No, Millions of Americans Have NOT Dropped Out of the Labor Force Just Because They’re Retiring Baby Boomers”

  1. 100 million working age Americans are now unemployed. That is 33% of the entire population.
    Stores are shutting as people can afford to buy less and less as the dollar continues its crash to the bottom. The buying power of the dollar has dropped dramatically over the past few months……
    Recently, I found a food ad from Jan, 2010 and compared it to one from Jan, 2014……..meat has gone up 300-400% in price, chicken 300%, fruit 400%………it is absolutely shocking.
    Bottled water has nearly doubled in price over the past month. Dairy products are going up, whipped dairy topping (not real whipped cream) runs over $4.00 a can…..price has gone up 200% in the past few months.
    Soups have gone up 400% and more……..
    People are finally realizing our dollar is losing power on a daily basis, and I think this is the real story they are trying to cover up………the crashing dollar is collapsing now.
    I am having a devil of a time finding out real interest rates. Not the ones bank to bank, but the real rates charged to consumers……..and real data is very difficult to find. That is a very bad sign. Mortgage rates are nearly 5% assuming you can get a loan at all with sterling credit. If you have anything less, the rate is going up fast.
    I foresee that interest rates will be the next big stranglehold on this economy……regardless of the reassurances of the crooked banks…..they only keep their own rates low, not those of the people.


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