New Mexico: Officials Confirm Plutonium & Americium Reached Carlsbad

And the most deadlieast substance on the planet (plutonium) poses no threat to health ???, …

“… would result in no health potential to a child, or a fetus,…”

… when…

New York Times: Plutonium and americium […] lodged in the body bombards internal organs with subatomic particles for the rest of the person’s lifetime.

Sounds perfectly safe, doesn’t it? (More info on the dangers of internal emitters down below.)

TV: Officials now confirm Plutonium and/or Americium reached Carlsbad, New Mexico’s 10th most populated city — Container of radioactive waste may have “blew up” (VIDEO) (ENENews, March 10. 2014):

Carlsbad Current-Argus, Mar. 10, 2014: Four more employees at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant have tested positive for elevated levels of radiation over the weekend. The Department of Energy announced that fecal samples taken from employees at the nuclear waste facility found 17 workers tested positive for low levels of radiation. After initial testing more than a week ago, the DOE reported 13 workers tested positive for trace amounts americium and plutonium. […]

KRQE, Mar. 10, 2014 (emphasis added): WIPP radiation leak still a mystery […] contamination drifted across the countryside and 26 miles west, all the way to the city of Carlsbad itself [10th most populated city in New Mexico]. Nuclear experts told residents, worried about children, the WIPP contamination now confirmed to have reached town is not dangerous. ”Below any limit, just above background, and would result in no health potential to a child, or a fetus,” Fran Williams, URS technical advisor said. […] Panel 7 is where workers most recently put waste. The radiation leak is believed to be [in that panel, which is the length of a football field]. […] it’s thought most likely part of the roof of the mine here collapsed on and ruptured containers. Another possibility is that a container blew up. […] Roof sections here have collapsed before, two decades ago during stress tests. Hundreds of tons of salt crashed down. […] Salt is elastic, so from the moment tunnels are dug they start to close back in. Roof bolts slow down, but do not stop that. […]

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds chief engineer and former nuclear industry executive: “[An] x-ray is broadly distributed externally over a large piece of mass. On the other hand, the radioactivity [from WIPP] in the air is in a particular form [i.e. particulate] that can deposit in your lung. Radioactive material is attracted to your lung tissue. What you breathe in does not come out.

New York Times: Plutonium and americium […] lodged in the body bombards internal organs with subatomic particles for the rest of the person’s lifetime.

See also: Radiation level at Carlsbad monitor jumps around 40% — Residents concerned for safety, pleading for more info (MAP)

And: Radioactive contamination now reported in city over 20 miles from leaking U.S. nuclear site #WIPP — 10th largest population in state of New Mexico (MAP)

Watch the KRQE broadcast here


Are There Safe Levels of Radiation? How Much Radiation Is Safe?:

Radiation exposure is increased by a factor of a trillion. Inhaling even the tiniest particle, that’s the danger.

Yo: So making comparisons with X-rays and CT scans has no meaning. Because you can breathe in radioactive material.

Hirose: That’s right. When it enters your body, there’s no telling where it will go. The biggest danger is women, especially pregnant women, and little children. Now they’re talking about iodine and cesium, but that’s only part of it, they’re not using the proper detection instruments. What they call monitoring means only measuring the amount of radiation in the air. Their instruments don’t eat. What they measure has no connection with the amount of radioactive material.

Dr. Helen Caldicott (Co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility):

The Propaganda From The Government And The Nuclear Industry About Low-Level Radiation Is Absolute Rubbish:

You’ve bought the propaganda from the nuclear industry. They say it’s low-level radiation. That’s absolute rubbish. If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium, the surrounding cells receive a very, very high dose. Most die within that area, because it’s an alpha emitter. The cells on the periphery remain viable. They mutate, and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later, that person develops cancer. Now, that’s true for radioactive iodine, that goes to the thyroid; cesium-137, that goes to the brain and muscles; strontium-90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and leukemia. It’s imperative that you understand internal emitters and radiation, and it’s not low level to the cells that are exposed. Radiobiology is imperative to understand these days.”

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