Total BS: Fukushima Radiation To Reach West Coast Next Month (USA Today)



Professor’s Diary: Fukushima radioactive material “has reached the west coast as of June 2013 by ocean transport” — Health risks to be determined by ongoing monitoring

Government Report: Fukushima Ocean Plume Hit Canada 6 Months Ago – ‘Precedes Model Predictions By Several Years’ (Dec 20, 2013)

Highest Levels Of Radioactive Cesium In Plankton From Fukushima Found East Of Hawaii (May 21, 2013)

Leuren Moret: Fukushima Radiation Has Made Hawaii And Pacific Islands Unsafe For Humans – Silent Global Nuclear War – We’re Facing Global Extermination (Video)

Very low levels of radiation, huh? Sure! Just look at what what is happening to sea life in the Pacific. (Links are provided down below.)

Here’s what you’ll never hear in the mainstream media:

Fukushima Is An Extinction Level Event: 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (By Ingestion) Chasing Each And Every One Of Us On The Planet … And That’s Just From The Amount Of Cesium-137 (Veterans Today):

(My commentary:)

... and there are ’1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ created by atomic reactors.

As a side note:

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of mercury … 1% of the rats will die.

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of lead … 1% of the rats will die.

How many rats will die if you give them a LD1 of mercury AND a LD1 of lead?

Take a guess!

Answer: ALL OF THEM!!!

Again, there are ’1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ from Fukushima.

How will they affect us?

Take a guess!

Fukushima: Three Million of Millions of Potential Lethal Doses

Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation (Veterans Today):

Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell.

Another thing MSM is forgetting to tell you about are ‘buckyballs’:

A Radioactive Nightmare … Coming To The U.S.

More articles on the buckyballs nightmare HERE (at

“… new UC Davis report about uranium-filled “buckyballs” and proof that sea mist carries radiation inland for hundreds of miles …” (Source)

“If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.”
– Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University

“You’ve bought the propaganda from the nuclear industry. They say it’s low-level radiation. That’s absolute rubbish. If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium, the surrounding cells receive a very, very high dose. Most die within that area, because it’s an alpha emitter. The cells on the periphery remain viable. They mutate, and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later, that person develops cancer. Now, that’s true for radioactive iodine, that goes to the thyroid; cesium-137, that goes to the brain and muscles; strontium-90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and leukemia. It’s imperative that you understand internal emitters and radiation, and it’s not low level to the cells that are exposed. Radiobiology is imperative to understand these days.”
– Dr. Helen Caldicott

tepco clean up_0.jpg

Scientists: Test West Coast for Fukushima radiation (USA Today, March 9, 2014):

Very low levels of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster likely will reach ocean waters along the U.S. West Coast next month, scientists are reporting.

Fukushima Radiation To Reach West Coast Next Month (ZeroHedge, March 9, 2013):

Over the past three years there has been endless debate over whether the Fukushima radioactive fallout is hitting the US west coast, or if, as the media spin would have it, it is largely isolated, and best to just take their word for it for the simple reason that no federal agency currently samples Pacific Coast seawater for radiation. The answer may finally be in sight, and it is not a pleasant one: USA Today reports that “very low levels of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster likely will reach ocean waters along the U.S. West Coast next month, scientists are reporting. Current models predict that the radiation will be at extremely low levels that won’t harm humans or the environment, said Ken Buesseler, a chemical oceanographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who presented research on the issue last week.

Hopefully these “models” are better at forecasting than the Fed’s (which are operated by three supercomputers), and the definition of “minimum” hasn’t undergone the same material revisions as did “maximum” in the context of the maximum permitted radiation dose falling on Tepco workers in the days when Japan desperately was lying every day about the magnitude of the radioactive disaster. Obviously, it is one thing to make up predictions for the sake of avoiding a panic, it is something entirely different to have empirical data: “I’m not trying to be alarmist,” Buesseler said. “We can make predictions, we can do models. But unless you have results, how will we know it’s safe?”

As if Buesseler doesn’t know that any actual data that reveals alarming results will be seasonally adjusted, and then all excess radiation will be blamed on the “harsh winter weather.”

Mockery of economists and other idiots aside, here are the facts on the prevailing models:

There are three competing models of the Fukushima radiation plume, differing in amount and timing. But all predict that the plume will reach the West Coast this summer, and the most commonly cited one estimates an April arrival, Buesseler said.

A report presented last week at a conference of the American Geophysical Union’s Ocean Sciences Section showed that some Cesium 134 has already has arrived in Canada, in the Gulf of Alaska area.

Cesium 134 serves as a fingerprint for Fukushima, Buesseler said.

“The models show it will reach north of Seattle first, then move down the coast,” Buesseler said.

The good news:

By the time it gets here, the material will be so diluted as to be almost negligible, the models predict. Radiation also decays. Cesium 134, for example, has a half-life of two years, meaning it will have half its original intensity after that period.

Or rather, make that the spin: after all as the paper notes, West Coast states are winding down their tsunami debris response efforts. “Oregon’s coastline is seeing less debris from the tsunami this winter than in the past two years, Oregon State Parks spokesman Chris Havel said. If that doesn’t change, officials likely will disband a task force that was mobilized to deal with the debris. Last year, Washington suspended its marine debris reporting hotline.”

One can be certain that no amount of reality, or radioactivity, will be allowed to spoil the budgeted plans that involve a return to normalcy even as the Fukushima power plant is nowhere near contained today, than it was the day after the historic catastrophe from March 2011.

And in case that is not yet clear, here is exhibit A: a Reuters report on Fukushima children that assigns increasingly abnormal pathologies not on the fallout from the Fukushima explosion but, get this, on their staying indoors!

Some of the smallest children in Koriyama, a short drive from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, barely know what it’s like to play outside — fear of radiation has kept them in doors for much of their short lives.  Though the strict safety limits for outdoor activity set after multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in 2011 have now been eased, parental worries and ingrained habit mean many children still stay inside.

And the impact is now starting to show, with children experiencing falling strength, lack of coordination, some cannot even ride a bicycle, and emotional issues like shorter tempers, officials and educators say.

“There are children who are very fearful. They ask before they eat anything, ‘does this have radiation in it?’ and we have to tell them it’s okay to eat,” said Mitsuhiro Hiraguri, director of the Emporium Kindergarten in Koriyama, some 55 km (35 miles) west of the Fukushima nuclear plant. “But some really, really want to play outside. They say they want to play in the sandbox and make mud pies. We have to tell them no, I’m sorry. Play in the sandbox inside instead.”

You see, the falling strength, the lack of coordination, and the behavioral changes three years after the explosion, are all due to children not being allowed to play in Fukushima’s spilling over radioactive cooling water, where as of a month ago, record amounts of Cesium were recorded. Nothing to do at all with slightly “abnormal” levels of alpha, beta and gamma radiation in the air.

This continues:

“Compared to before the disaster, you can certainly see a fall in the results of physical strength and ability tests – things like grip strength, running and throwing balls,” said Toshiaki Yabe, an official with the Koriyama city government.

Hiraguri said that stress was showing up in an increase of scuffles, arguments and even sudden nosebleeds among the children, as well as more subtle effects.

“There’s a lot more children who aren’t all that alert in their response to things. They aren’t motivated to do anything,” he said.

Yes: the nosebleeds and the lack of alertness too are not due to the radiation, but all entirely due to being kept away from it. We suppose the proper advice here is: to avoid sudden nosebleeds, short tempers, and falling strength, let you children run like the wind, if possible into the Third reactor’s cooling tanks.

One really can’t make this pathetic, deadly BS up.

So keeping in the theme of this lunacy, and coming soon to a Orwellian banana dictatorship near you: the poor will be taxed more, because it is their fault they did not invest the money they don’t have, in Glorious Bernank’s attempt to make everything better for everyone. Remember: the Chairsatan was just paid in one hour more than in one full year at the Fed to reveal that “his natural inclination would be to try to help the average person.”

Look at all those links (at least read the headlines) and then tell me that fukushima radiation is of no concern and has no serious effect on life in the Pacific ocean.

If the following is caused by (the corporate media propaganda mantra of) ‘low levels of radiation’, then low level radiation is indeed absolutely deadly:

Fukushima Explains Unprecedented Concentrations Of Whales And Other Sea Life Clustered Just Off West Coast

US Gov’t: Scientists investigating if Fukushima radiation contributed to unusual deaths and sickness in marine mammals – Expect ‘hairless seals’ this spring

Fukushima-Radiated West Coast Cover-Up

More Than 400 Dead Dolphins Found In Northern Peru

Hawaii: More Than 500 Deep-Sea Lanternfish, Squid Found Dead Or Dying

West Coast Sea Stars Melt Into Mush, ‘Just Vaporized … It’s The Change Of My Lifetime’ – ‘Ripping Themselves Apart … Innards Spilled Out’

Alaska Professor: Fukushima Fallout A Suspected Factor In ‘Unusual Mortality’ Of Seals And Walrus

Conditions Never Seen Before By Scientists In Pacific Seals And Walrus – Thyroid Cysts, Lesions Of Reproductive System, Retained Placenta

Reports: White ‘goo’ everywhere in Alaska seal, crows won’t touch it… yet they eat people’s roofs — Slime in ones mouth, kidney almost black

Problems with killer whales local to West Coast — Only baby born in 2013 died — Just two born in 2012 — Depleted fish supply blamed

Conjoined Baby Gray Whales Found On West Coast Of N. America – Could Be First Ever Recorded — 2 Heads And 2 Tails, Joined In Middle (Video & Photo)

L.A. Times: Alarming West Coast sardine crash likely radiating through ecosystem — Experts warn marine mammals and seabirds are starving, may suffer for years to come — Boats return without a single fish — Monterey Bay: Hard to resist idea that humpback whales are trying to tell us something

‘We see radiation from Fukushima in soils in Southern California, especially our desert regions’ – High concentrations in seaweed prevented harvest this year — Also found in cattle and chicken feed

Scientists: Starfish Wasting Disease Outbreak Could Be Due To Fukushima Radiation

60 Bald Eagles Dead In Utah Since December (Not From West Nile Virus)

LA Times: Experts suggest bald eagle deaths are related to Fukushima radiation – Idaho officials reporting similar sickness – ‘It’s hard to have your national bird in your arms, going through seizures’

Mystery Illness Killing Bald Eagles In Western U.S. – Wings Paralyzed, Full Blown Seizures

Unprecedented Decline In Alaska King Salmon

Pelicans Starving In Pacific Northwest Since 2011, Killing Baby Birds For Food – ‘Sardine Crash’ Persists In Pacific Since Decline In 2011

‘Unprecedented Activity’ Near Canada’s West Coast: Whales In Record Numbers, Displaying Highly Unusual Behavior

Marine Biologist: All Sea Stars Along West Coast Of North America Could Be Wiped Out

Large Die-Off Of Alaska Seabirds From Disease Never Found Before In State History

CNN: The Pacific Has Seen Its Fair Share Of Weird Recently – Bay In California ‘Now A Massive Soup Bowl’ – ‘Miles Of Anchovies, Mountains Deep’

Study: Dead Sea Creatures Covered 98% Of Seafloor Last Year 150 Miles Off California Coast – Unprecedented!!!

Weird Things’ Happening On California Coast: Unknown Toxic Algae Blooms Proliferating; Unprecedented Mass Of Oxygen-Poor Water – Mystery Strandings Of Large Squid Covered Miles And Experts Baffled … ‘Essentially Killing Themselves’

San Francisco Chronicle: Fukushima Radiation Possible Culprit In Huge Starfish Die Off From Mexico To Alaska

California: Threat Of ‘Dead Zone’ Developing Off Sonoma Coast

Sea Star Die-Off Worse Than Thought; Now Over Entire West Coast; Going From One Species To Others

Whale Expert Near Vancouver: In 30 Years I’ve Never Ever Seen This Kind Of Behavior, ‘They Must Sense This Is A Safe Place To Be’

NBC Nightly News: “Another highly troubling report about what’s going on in the Pacific” — Millions of starfish ‘melt away’ from Alaska to California — Expert: Fukushima radiation ‘not ruled out’ as factor in epidemic — Very, very different than anything seen before

CBS News: 100s Of Whales In Bay On California Coast – Experts: ‘A Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance … Unheard Of, It’s Unbelievable’

Expansive ‘Death Zone’ Of Birds On Alaska Island, Perhaps Thousands Washed Ashore

CBC News: Something Very Odd Is Happening In Pacific; Sea Creatures Acting Strangely

Rarely Seen Sea Creature Normally Living At The Depths Of The Ocean Caught Off Miami Beach

Unprecedented Concentration Of Sea Creatures Near Shore In California

‘Lots Of Sea Birds Washing Up Dead’ In Alaska (Photos)

Alaska Island Shows Impacts From Fukushima – ‘Significant Cesium Isotope Signature’ Detected – Scientists Anticipate More Marine Life To Be Impacted As Ocean Plume Arrives

Hundreds Of Sea Turtles Wash Up Dead On Pacific Coast – Dogs ‘Stopped Breathing And Died Almost Instantly’ When Eating Them

Scientists ‘Especially Worried’: ‘We Don’t Know How The Pathogen Is Doing This’ – Sea Star Broke In Half, Walked Away, Then Turned To Goo

Starfish Turn To ‘Slime’ Along Pacific Coast … ‘We’re Talking About A Loss Of Millions And Millions’

Fishermen Boats Surrounded By Hundreds Of Dead (Nearly Extinct) Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtles

(UPDATED) ‘Extraordinary’ string of whale and dolphin encounters off Canada’s Pacific coast “could have a deeper meaning” — Indigenous Academic Adviser: “We see them as our relatives, as ancestors… It’s for the better of all of us to listen” (VIDEO)

Sea Star ‘Ripping Itself Into Pieces’ – Like A Horror Movie – AP: Deaths From Alaska To S. California – Prof: ‘None Of Us Had Ever Seen Anything Like This Before’

Sardine Population Plummets Along U.S. West Coast – ‘Canadian Pacific Fishermen Catch No Sardines In 2013? – AP: Collapse Of Species Feared

West Coast Sea Stars Mysteriously Dying Off (KING 5 News Video): ‘Why Scientists Are So Concerned About The Rapidly Spreading Disease’

Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean

Head Researcher “Is Sounding The Alarm’ Over Dramatic Changes In Pacific Northwest Killer Whales

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

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1 thought on “Total BS: Fukushima Radiation To Reach West Coast Next Month (USA Today)”

  1. The lies around this reality are staggering. Radiation is now everywhere in the world, and the west coast is being hit daily by poison from Fukushima. Soon, the Pacific ocean will be completely dead, the source of oxygen and much food for the food chain, will be gone.
    The west coast will be unlivable. This won’t happen in 10-20 years, it is happening now. As it now stands, the Pacific Ocean is dead over 3000 miles out from Fukushima, and will be finished off by the end of 2015……unless storms and earthquakes speed up the process.
    There is one other story that is as full of lies as this one…..interest rates. I cannot find any truthful information about them. Rates for mortgages are up over 3.5% in the US if your credit is sterling, more if you have a slight bleep.
    I checked the world bank, and their numbers are absurd.
    I tried other financial sites, and found bank rates, but not for people.
    Why are they keeping this story so quiet?
    I went to and went to world. There, I found nations and their debt rate to GDP, and most of European and South American nations are over the top. The US is at 99% of GDP, meaning we have no disposable income left….all income services the debt. The minute rates go up, we are all in trouble.
    Germany is over 200% of GDP because they tried to take over the EU using loans, not realizing all nations were lying about their wealth….all claiming far more than they had.
    Japan is over 200%, the only one that claims to be low is China….and they are infamous for their lies about their financial standing. They lie about their exports, they have been caught many times inflating the numbers by the nations they claimed to have sold to……they lie about their GDP by measuring it by what they build, not what they earn….so their numbers are not valid.
    I read today that between 2009-2013, China inflated their real estate debt level from $10 trillion to $24 trillion…….equal to the entire US banking system for the last 100 years in half a decade.
    China is going to fall, and take much of the world economy with it.
    So, why can I find no truth about interest rates?
    It is the scariest thing to 21st century governments next to Fukushima.
    Interest rates are going to go up, and sink many world economies with them. Central banks promise to keep them down, but they don’t control things like warmongering presidents and China.


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