Fukushima: A River Runs Through It … Or … Why This Disaster Is Now Called An Extinction Level Event

Fukushima: A River Runs Through It (Veterans Today, March 8, 2014):


This is Not the Movie Version

(San Francisco) – Robert Redford and Brad Pitt along with other top notch actors made a superb movie named “A River Runs Through It” in 1992. The movie was from a story set in the American West by Norman Maclean.

This is not that story, however. This a story of an ongoing, grimy industrial disaster that destroyed any hope of continued life on Earth. We have seen it come to pass in our lifetimes. People  mostly stood by and did nothing. There is nothing we can do about it now, it is a done deal and is now called an “Extinction Level Event.”

Some have asked “How much water flows through Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s six reactors? The short answer is: A bunch.


Yes, a river does run through it. The Fukushima Daiichi industrial complex in North Eastern Japan is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The water flows down from the hills behind the Nuke Power Plant as it has for millennia. It is a natural process of the Earth. There are also the torrential rains and the regular typhoons; known in the West as hurricanes.

The site is on a big area of beach front property on the Pacific Ocean. Big enough to put six big reactors all lined up in a row on the ocean frontage, except there used to be a cliff there.

General Electric Corporation, the American manufacturer of little nuke power plants that could for submarines, picked the location and decided it would be cheaper to move the cliff than it would be to pump ocean water up the cliff to cool the Nukes.

A simple enough business decision, since it might cost 4% of the Net Electrical Output of the Reactors to pump the ocean water up the cliff. Done. Decision made. Scrape away the cliff. Not a problem.

If any Japanese objected, they could deal with General Douglas MacArthur’s post WWII Army of Occupation or the Yakuza Japanese Mafia “friends of Tepco.”


Meanwhile, GE was very busy enlarging the little reactor that powered American Submarines, literally. The engineers slavishly kept the upside down design, too, even though the reactor would be on dry land and not at Sea.

At Sea a misbehaving reactor core can simply be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Decades later, in 2011, the submarine reactors were doomed to do just as they were designed to do and drop their misbehaving, melting 2,070°F Uranium reactor cores to drop, plop, right through the reactor. The white hot melted cores then proceeded to burn through the concrete basements and dirt into the old river bed.

The reactors did exactly as they were supposed to do. It was humans that screwed up and parked the ocean-going reactors on a beach in North Eastern Japan.

The old river would still flow through the plant area as it always has. Concealed, underground, it will leisurely carry intensely radioactive molecules from hundreds of tonnes of runaway, highly Lethal reactor cores into the Pacific Ocean for eternity.

So yea, a river ran through the Fukushima Daiichi site from the mountains. It still does – it is just underground. You know somethin’? It still will, too, till the end of time; long after humans are extinguished from the Earth by radiation.

That, in a nutshell, is why this disaster is called an Extinction Level Event (ELE) and the still flowing, invisible underground river has as much to do with it as anything. For once the Rad gets into the ocean and the air; it goes worldwide, nuking everything.

Sources and Notes

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3 thoughts on “Fukushima: A River Runs Through It … Or … Why This Disaster Is Now Called An Extinction Level Event”

  1. We face our own extinction and fool leaders and scholars deny it.
    Denial. That is probably how past civilizations vanished overnight……we will be next. It won’t take 20 years, either.
    It is happening now.

  2. Yes, and it is the helplessness that hurts most.
    We desperately need to nurture our future generations, but it seems the powers that be think otherwise.
    It’s not just the final bell of Fukushima, but the back-up plan they seem to have with H7N9 trans species CIA engineered 60% fatal virus, Glyphosate poisoning AND carcinogenic, Bee Killing GMO’s, Debilitating Chemtrails AND Sunlight deprivation, forced Fluoridation of drinking water AND drought creation resulting in future food shortages.
    I have no doubt this is a concerted endgame plan, just as detailed in the U.N. Agenda 21 (Planet Sustainability) De-population plan.
    The soon to come economic reality that our entire national system is bankrupt will lead to massive disruption, violence and martial law in all ‘civilised’ (ha) countries.
    But, if we are ALL doomed, how will these stupid banksters get their income….unless Icke is right and they are indeed alien shapeshifters in need of colonisation?
    Winston Smith lived a life of luxury compared to what seems on the cards for us.

  3. Your last question is the real point. If there is indeed a mindful plan to kill off most of the people……how will anyone get their money? I went to usdebtclock.org and then hit world. I ignored China because they lie like rugs….they base their GDP on what they spend, not what they earn. Of the 18 remaining nations, ten have debt levels over 100% of GDP including the US @99%.
    7 nations, including Russia, are well under 50%.
    The debt level of most EU nations are over 200%, South America is doing the best, and Russia is at 32.5% debt to GDP.
    UK is at 448% debt to GDP, Portugal at 272% debt to GDP, Spain 213%, Germany, 202%, Greece 269%, France 241% debt to GDP……all so called US allies are buried in debt, the US is at 99%…….meaning there is no discretionary income left for the US, either.
    And, they want to wage economic war with Russia?
    Also, with China? China is going to collapse without any help………they build ghost cities nobody can afford, lie about how much they export…….and their real estate debt is now equal to US banking development for the last 100 years…….built in five years. They have gone from $10 trillion in real estate loans to $24 trillion from 2009-2013. It is pure madness and mendacity.
    When China falls, so goes the world economy.
    Another thing I can find no valid information about is interest rates………they are bound to go up…….yet, they continue to lie about keeping them low……as much as they do about Fukushima.
    I think we have idiots in charge, and I doubt there is any plan……they are just stupid.


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