Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose US Intervention In Ukraine, Syria, Iran … Or Anywhere Else

Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose US Intervention in Ukraine, Syria, Iran … Or Anywhere Else (Washington’s Blog, March 8, 2014):

Americans Are Sick of War

Polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to U.S. military involvement in:

  • Or anywhere else

Indeed, a poll from Pew in December found that a majority of Americans – more than ever before in Pew’s 50-year history of polling this question – think the U.S. “should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own.”

We’re sick of war …

(And we’ve been so for years.)

1 thought on “Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose US Intervention In Ukraine, Syria, Iran … Or Anywhere Else”

  1. When a government no longer heeds the will of the people and is too stupidly run to even give them the illusion someone is listening is on the way out.
    If America was smart about its wars, and used them as they have historically been used to refill the state coffers and create jobs, they would have the largest national army in the western world.
    Instead, they have wars that enrich a few at the cost of everyone else. Debt level now equals income. Ask anyone who lives pinching pennies to make ends meet…….it is a miserable existence, and more Americans live that way every day thanks to an economy that continues to decline while prices go through the roof. Nobody can afford to live well when outgo equals income…..even governments.
    The printing party is about over because the dollar is no longer trusted. Nor is it necessary to over half the world economy…….it has been dumped by much of south America, African nations, parts of the middle east, Russia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil………this is an incomplete list. It loses more power every day as fewer nations use it.
    Electronic currencies that translate the value of each nation’s currency during international transactions have made a world reserve currency obsolete. Over the past four years, the US dollar has declined from 100% of international trades to less than half.
    Hearing asses like Clown Kerry say they will sanction Russia is a pathetic joke. Russia stopped using the dollar in November of 2010…..same time as China. Our leaders are delusional, and they have taken us over the cliff.
    Wars that bleed nations of wealth are never popular…..and the US and its latest attempt for an economic war with Russia is beyond stupid. Russia has a debt level of 36% of GDP, the US has 99% debt to GDP.
    Our fool leaders think the people’s will doesn’t matter, and sending a shill out to complain the government won’t do the people’s will is enough to placate them…….not when they are suffering economically and when they are going hungry. Such representatives are always junior members with no power.
    Hunger in the US has skyrocketed. 20% of the US population (mostly children and elderly) suffer from hunger every month. Congress cuts food stamps in response……it is insane. It is so bad, some states have actually reversed the government’s move, and are working to make up the difference, according to Bloomberg. I don’t know if this is all states, but the hunger problem grows while food prices skyrocket.
    Bottled water has nearly doubled in price over the last two weeks here in CA. Where I live, tap water is not drinkable….it actually smells bad. Our charming governor is pushing for more fracking…… is madness……but Chevron put him in power.
    We are in collapse mode. Add in Fukushima and all the other problems……we are going to see first hand why and how great civilizations vanish seemingly overnight……


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