Economist John Williams: Financial Collapse If Russia Sells U.S. Dollar Holdings (Video)

YouTube Added: Mar 4, 2014


John Williams of says, “Don’t look for the U.S. dollar as the safe haven.” Williams contends, “Historically, the dollar has been the safe haven in a political or financial crisis, but that hasn’t been the case for four or five years now. Instead, what you have seen is a flight to other traditional safe havens such as gold and the Swiss Franc. The dollar has lost its magic. Nobody wants to hold it.” What about the Russians dumping the dollar in retaliation for U.S. sanctions because of the Ukraine invasion? Williams says, “So, if the Russians follow through and convince the rest of the world that they are going to do it and it looks like China may join them, a lot of countries will want to dump dollars and get out ahead of the crowd.”

On the overall economy, Williams says, “It is rolling over, and the numbers are starting to show we are starting into a new recession. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Williams of

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  1. I just went to, and looked at international debt levels. The results ought to make the picture very clear.
    Public Debt to GDP ratio External debt GDP ratio
    Russia 6.8% 32.5%
    Portugal 149.8% 271.1 %
    S/Arabia 11.4 22.6
    Japan 221.1% 55.4%
    France 94.5% 241.0%
    Germany 80.2 201.9
    China 21.1 7.2
    Spain 107.6 213.2%
    US 77% 99.1%
    UK 91.6% 447.5%
    Ireland 128.5 1048.3%
    Italy 128.5% 156%
    Mexico 34.7% 27.8%

    This should explain why interest rates will go up high very soon.


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