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  1. I just want to remark that you do an amazing job of staying on top of important stories, publishing and getting the truth out. On top of all the things you have to do to keep yourself going, it is a sight of work, and is much appreciated.
    In an era best known as the Information Age, it is ironic to find truth so difficult to find. There is a lot of noise, obfuscation and a lot of outright lies and propaganda…..you cut through them to the truth.
    We are in the beginning stages of a crumbling global civilization, and it is happening very quickly. With the breakdown of the family, no values beyond money and greed acknowledged, we have already reverted to our early savage natures. Those of us who were reared to think differently are old and dying off. The most disturbing to me is the mindlessness everywhere we look.
    Technology has given our civilizations a virtual reality that has no bearing on the real problems we face. Most are kept totally ignorant though the use of highly polished and diverting propaganda systems. People now carry computers in their pockets as those of my generation carried transistor radios.
    I understand now why civilizations can vanish overnight.
    Unfortunately, there will be few left who will be able to read our words.
    Thanks for all you do.


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