This Is Post No. 23,679 …


… since the creation of Infinite Unknown in 2008.

In January several readers donated generously €20, €30, even €100.

In February there have been no donations.

Even a €5 (or €1) donation matters and helps keeping this website and my work alive.

If you can’t donate €5 because your financial situation does not allow it, then please don’t even think about donating and create some financial freedom first.

All others who can afford to donate and haven’t done so yet, please think about it.

A big thank you to all my readers for your support via social networks, comments & donations.

Thank you also for your mental & spiritual support.

In Liberty,
Infinite Unknown

2 thoughts on “This Is Post No. 23,679 …”

  1. More sea life, food, oysters and scallops dead in Pacific Northwest……….they call it too acidic an ocean……..if plutonium, cesium & other radioactive poisons are acidic…..
    The bastards are killing our food chain, and the Japanese government is not going to prosecute TEPCO…..that was out this morning.


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