Ukraine: Meanwhile, On The Main Square In Sevastopol: Live Webcast

Meanwhile, On The Main Square In Sevastopol: Live Webcast (ZeroHedge, Feb 25, 2014):

… The Russians are staking out their claim, after those ships which we wrote about yesterday and docked overnight at the main Crimean port, have unloaded their cargo.

Then, there’s this from the Guardian:

Sevastopol installs pro-Russian mayor as separatism fears grow

Moscow shows its influence in Crimean city amid fears the whole peninsula could seek deeper ties with Russia

Authorities in the southern Ukrainian city of Sevastopol have installed a pro-Russian mayor as fears grow that the Kremlin may be stoking separatist sentiment in the region.

Sevastopol’s city council handed power to Aleksei Chaliy, a Russian citizen, during an extraordinary session on Monday evening while more than a thousand protesters gathered around city hall chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and “A Russian mayor for a Russian city.”

Fears are spreading that separatists in Sevastopol, and the Crimean region of which it is a part, could use the power vacuum in Ukraine to seize greater autonomy and deepen ties with Russia.

It was not immediately clear whether local security forces would back Chaliy, but earlier in the day Sevastopol police chief Alexander Goncharov said that his officers would refuse to carry out “criminal orders” issued by Kiev.

At least four checkpoints manned by armed police were in place on major roads into the city to stop the arrival of extremists, according to local media reports.

Ukraine’s interim president, Olexander Turchynov, warned on Tuesday that the country faced a “serious threat” from separatism.

And elsewhere, the following poster can be found:

And this:

Live webcast:

1 thought on “Ukraine: Meanwhile, On The Main Square In Sevastopol: Live Webcast”

  1. The US has such a rotten stench in the entire area, nobody with any brains or sense of nationalism will side with western puppets……it is unveiling as I said it would, Putin will win out. Though they are very unhappy about many things, especially economic, Russia will win. It has to do with keeping the wrong you know from a worse one. The US has lost much power and all respect in the world. The Bush doctrine has become a method, and all the horrors of the bush years have been set in stone by this clown who was going to restore America to its former decency.
    Obama was given a powerful mandate, the most powerful one I have ever seen…..and he threw it into the crapper by continuing all the bush evils, the secrecy, the pro-corporate stance. Such people are not friends of any republic……and they now control the US. He took that mandate and threw it into the garbage. Had he fulfilled any of it, the US would be regarded in a better light, but his ongoing attacks on nations that have done nothing to deserve it, and his disdain for the will of the people have ruined US credibility for all time.
    I used to own a nonprofit to help the sick and dying. We found a wonderful nurse who had great experience at the UN, had worked in third world nations around the globe. She was greatly excited about our work until she found it was based in the US. She said she was not about to go to the US………that is a strong indicator of the contempt in which we are now held.
    Nobody with a clue wants to live in the US, it has become a fascist hellhole. The people of the Ukraine will join with Russia once again. Putin has the brains to put Russia first, and global goals second…….much wiser than the idiots in power in the US.
    The US better turn tail and leave, they won’t win this one. They have been using the EU to look better, but it is obvious the EU is one of the few financial powers left that still use the dollar in international trades. That will die off, too, but that is another story.


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