Known Disinformation Website: ‘Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime’

Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime (WhatDoesItMean, Feb 22, 2014):

A new report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) relating to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine says that United States President Barack Obama was “stunned” yesterday after President Putin warned him in a telephone dialogue between these two leaders that Russia was prepared to send over 250,000 heavily armed troops into Crimea to protect the sovereignty of its citizens against further US-EU aggression.

Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine with a population over 2 million whose ethnic makeup is over 70% Russian and Crimean Tartars as opposed to 24% Ukrainian and is the home base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet located in Sevastopol.

Putin first became involved in this latest Ukraine crisis this week, this report says, after receiving a call from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who called for direct intervention by Moscow due to his nation being under “direct attack” from Neo-Nazi and right-wing nationalist mobs supported by the EU and US in conflicts that have left, at least, 67 dead.

Important to note, this report continues, is that the Obama regime has instigated a number of “silent coups” against democratically elected governments it wishes to destabilize, fragment and then reabsorb into its Western alliance.

Unfortunately for the people of Ukraine, this report says, the Obama regime and their EU counterparts have aligned themselves with the much feared Right Sector opposition group that consists mostly of young men with right-wing, ultra right-wing, borderline fascists, and the even more feared far-right nationalist Svoboda Party that has been described as an anti-Semitic and sometimes a Neo-Nazi party by international newspapers organizations that monitor hate speech, Jewish organizations, and political opponents.

The International Business Times (IBC) in warning about the Svoboda Party said it cannot be called a “fringe” party as it currently occupies 36 seats in the 450-member Ukrainian parliament, granting it status as the fourth-largest party in the country.

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Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime

Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime


1 thought on “Known Disinformation Website: ‘Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime’”

  1. Putin, and much of the Russian and Ukraine inhabitants see the Ukraine as part of Russia. Putin is giving the Russian people what they think they want……a return to the glory days of a great Russian Empire like the USSR. Anyone who doubts what he says is a fool. Putin has figured out the US, it didn’t take a lot, and he recognized the US is thinly spread in its endless quest to dominate the world (and oil) and he isn’t going to let them move any farther into his territory.
    The US leaders better take heed. Putin is correct in his assumptions that the US is a world bully, and when met with real resistance, will turn tail and run like the cowards they are. He has no other choice unless he wants his nation destabilized.
    Also, the majority of the people still have Russian alliances, and their history together goes way back. They sure don’t want the US there, and the people here in the US don’t want to be there.
    So, Obama is surprised. What in the hell is wrong with him? Surely, with that great education he claims to have he studied Russian history? I did. Vladimir Putin is Russian first, and its former territories next. Putin is wisely moving to reunite the USSR under him. He will probably succeed.
    The US has become the rogue nation, Russia now has some credibility. I find it ironic that I have to go to foreign sites to get the real news, including Russia today. US media has become what Pravda was in the 1950s, pure propaganda.
    Obama better stand down.


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