Britain Flood Crisis: Thames Bursts Banks – Costs Seen At $1.6 Billion (MUST-SEE PHOTOS)


More photos here:

Swamped by the Thames: Shocking aerial images show wide-scale flooding of commuter belt homes as forecasters warn hundreds more will suffer same fate within days (Daily Mail)

In other news:

Floods: Hundreds evacuated and thousands more at risk (BBC News)

River Thames Bursts Banks, Flooding Homes Near London (Wall Street Journal)

Britain’s flood crisis deepens, Thames bursts banks (Sydney Morning Herald)

UK Towns Face More Floods as Costs Seen at $1.6 Billion (Businessweek)

Flood-Battered Britain on Course for Wettest Winter in 250 Years (NBC News)

British Politicians Blame One Another for Regional Flooding (New York Times)

2 thoughts on “Britain Flood Crisis: Thames Bursts Banks – Costs Seen At $1.6 Billion (MUST-SEE PHOTOS)”

  1. Britain has been broke for many years, regardless of the banking activities. Their infrastructure was crumbling 35 years ago………and, they are having disasters as a result. You cannot build something once and not maintain it for decades……in the end, it will not hold. Manmade items, like man, have a relatively short life……….
    They need to do what we need here, also…….pour some funds into infrastructure programs, put lots of people to work, and save their wonderful, historic cities.
    This is such a horrible thing to happen.
    Thanks for covering it. The rising sea levels are also a factor…….all money going into the pockets of the greedy guts, while everyone else is forgotten is destroying the west.


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