Germany’s DAX Halted

Germany’s DAX Halted On Draghi-Driven Dump (Zerohedge, Feb 6, 2014):

No sooner had the ECB statement been released with its disappointing lack of unsterlizied QE or negative rate promises than European stocks mini-flash-crashed. Most notable was Germany’s DAX which collapsed over 200 points only and was promptly halted in the futures markets. Only to magically re-appear after the halt almost unchanged…


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  1. Germany has been considered the economic strong man of the Euro, it has underwritten much of the debt of Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and others. Their idea of controlling the Eurozone through economics didn’t consider the possibility all weak member nations had lied about their true wealth. Their debt level now far exceeds their once strong GDP.
    The cracks of deception in the world markets are getting longer and wider. No matter how much they bend the rules, how many false spread sheets are put into the game to show wealth that doesn’t exist…….the game cannot go on forever.
    The fact the market was reopened with no changes at all is the most frightening of all to any thinking person. That means they didn’t do a thing, just slapped a Band-Aid on it, and pushed it back into the arena. This is very bad news, there is no due diligence going on anywhere in the world markets. Germany is fast on it’s way to losing the most valuable asset it had, its financial reputation. Once credibility is gone, especially in money matters, the game is going to be lost.
    Germany would have been much smarter to show losses right now, and make some moves to clean up the mess. Things don’t get broken, and then put back on the shelf with no damage………not in reality.
    I have been expecting a world economic collapse for some years. Only the smoke and mirrors have postponed it for a while…….but nothing can go on forever.
    I heard from a friend who has old acquaintances in Switzerland. Many folks there are keeping their cash at home because they fear the banks. The refugees from collapsing economies around them are becoming a problem for the workers, they will work for pennies……desperate for work…..and social dissent is growing.
    This is just one more indication the global greedy bankers are out of tricks.


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