States Fight Back Against NSA Spying

States Fight Back Against NSA Spying (ZeroHedge, Jan 28, 2014):

The American people aren’t falling for NSA’s propaganda. They want the rogue agency reined in. But Obama refuses to rein in the NSA, Dianne Feinstein says that Congress “doesn’t have the votes” to do anything about mass surveillance, and at least some judges are supporting the NSA’s spying (and it’s not clear what the Supreme Court will do). But states are trying to fight back … Legislation has been introduced in 10 states (and counting) proposing one or both of the following:

(1) Cutting off water, electricity or other resources to NSA facilities within the state

(2) Prohibiting the state’s cooperation with the NSA; for example, sharing data about its citizens, or university research support for NSA

For information about the state legislation:

And see this. While this may sound to some like a Republican approach, Democrats who support the NSA will be vulnerable next election, and progressives need to re-claim freedom from mass surveillance as a core issue:

Important Public Service Announcement (no joke):

Important Safety Tip: Tape Your Batteries With Electrical Tape!

2 thoughts on “States Fight Back Against NSA Spying”

  1. I sure hope all Americans of any and all political persuasion recognize the value of privacy and basic civil rights. All of our civil rights, including habeas corpus, a right of man since 1215, has been abolished.
    That is the right to charges, attorney, speedy trial and finite sentence if found guilty. As it stands, they can grab anyone, and hold them for years without charges, attorney, trial, judge or finite sentence.
    I can only pray people realize what is at stake here. Thanks for the information, this is one of the best sites on the Web.

  2. The 4th Amendment includes no longer papers, but now it is electronic messages. The wording should be changed, AFTER we turn off the water and electricity if possible.
    Thank you Arizona and Utah and Colorado.


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