Fox News: Fukushima Contamination Is Hitting California – ‘Humans Are Terrified’ Of Eating It

Fox News: Fukushima contamination is hitting California — “Humans are terrified” of eating it — “It’s an open question” about the risks — “You’re not scared? To me, if someone tells me there’s low levels of radioactivity in that fish…” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 17, 2014):

Fox and Friends, Jan. 17, 2014 (Emphasis Added):

Clayton Morris, host: […] What ever happened to all that radioactive material that flooded into the ocean? […] Are there any lingering effects from the Fukushima plant and the meltdowns?

Nicholas Fisher, Stony Brook University: Radiation is higher certainly around Japan than it is in the eastern Pacific around California. One can detect levels of radioactivity that are low in both places. […]

Morris: Humans are terrified — of having radioactivity being in any kind of a food source that they’re eating. […]

At 1:45 in

Morris: Do we need to be concerned about this? […]

Fisher: […] It’s an open question, really, about the risks associated with eating extremely low doses of radioactivity. I would not be concerned about eating those fish myself.

Morris: So you’re not scared about it? To me, if someone tells me that there’s low levels of radioactivity in that fish –

Fisher: […] I would prefer that the dose be zero from the artificial radionuclides, but in fact it’s measurable but very low.

Morris: Well that’s good news at least. We were fearful that things were hitting California and fish were going to be –

Fisher: They are hitting California, but they’re at very low levels.

Morris: […] some decent news for us.

Watch the Fox News broadcast here

This appeared to be Fisher’s most balanced interview to date.  He refrained from using the much-criticized  comparisons of ingesting Fukushima’s nuclear waste to external radiation from plane travel and exposure via rocks/soil, as well as eating bananas and brazil nuts. However, he was on a recent PNAS podcast in which the tuna study was discussed: “Bluefin tuna contaminated with the levels of Fukushima-derived radioactivity that were measured in fish caught off California in August 2011 would provide only about 5% of the dose that one would receive from eating a single uncontaminated banana” >> Full interview here

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