US: National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014, 21 States Compliant (Video)


National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014, 21 States Compliant (Video) (Before It’s News, Dec 26, 2013):

The REAL ID Act’s enforcement will start next year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today. The enforcement steps will begin in April 2014 within restricted areas of the DHS headquarters, followed by a phased approach, with substantial enforcement in 2016. The 2005 REAL ID Act prohibits the federal government from accepting driver’s licenses and ID cards that do not meet minimum security standards set by DHS, no later than May 2017. The minimum standards require that driver’s license security features be routinely upgraded to be counterfeit resistant and require applicants to provide documentary proofs confirm true identity.

REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses and ID cards are key elements of the nation’s homeland security strategy. Enforcement of the law will clarify and differentiate between compliant state-issued identity credentials versus less reliable proofs of identity when admitting people to secure federal facilities or, beginning in 2016, to board airlines.

In 2012, all governors were notified by DHS that each needed to provide a status report on REAL ID compliance. All but two states, Arizona and Pennsylvania, provided a response.  DHS has certified 21 states as compliant with the REAL ID Act’s rules. Mississippi and Vermont are the latest states to join Alabama, Hawaii, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia,Wisconsin, and Wyoming .

Well thank goodness my state isn’t on there.  A national ID card is scary stuff.  It’s the modus operandi of a fascist totalitarian state.  ’Your papers please!?’  America, you need to wake up and smell the fascism.  You are slowly butsurely turning into a kind of nazi germany.   Thats not paranoia, thats fact.  You had better get out in the streets and let your voices heard. You need to do something and soonn otherwise one day your going to wake up with a jack boot in your face.  -Mort

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  1. Napoleon was correct when he said Louie XVI would never have lost his throne if he was smart enough to control the media. This is beyond disgusting.

    Here is another story about our food that Americans need to know about, and are not being told. I am not going to eat beef any longer. Thanks to Fukushima, we cannot eat fish or birds now……next is beef, pork and lamb. After those go away, what will there be to eat?
    Safe food and water will be more valuable than gold or oil……you cannot eat them.
    Are the depopulation people right? I always thought they were nuts…………


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